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Monday, February 10, 2014

26.2 Fun Facts For the RUNNER!

I thought I would do something FUN. I would put together some fun facts and a little silliness. One for every mile of a Marathon.

  1. You don't need shoes to run any more than you need a hat to think!
  2. 50mph top speed of a lion. 30mph top speed of a kangaroo. 27.9 top speed of a human.
  3. Dark Chocolate may help lower blood pressure and aids in reducing stress hormone levels.
  4. NOTHING makes you miss running more than getting injured.
  5. Active woman may be 30 to 40 percent less likely to develop breast cancer.
  6. In a marathon the average runner takes 35,000 steps.
  7. The average man burns 124 calories each mile run, the average woman burns 105 calories.
  8. .05 is the percentage of people who have ran a marathon in the U.S..
  9. The record number of miles run on a treadmill in 24 hours is 153.9, Edit Berces.
  10. Embrace the incline it is not the down hills that make you stronger.
  11. 40 miles is the average miles ran to train for a marathon.
  12. over 1 billion pairs of running shoes are sold world wide every year.
  13. 1900 was the first year that women were allowed to compete in the Olympic Games.
  14. 1984 First year women could run the Olympic Marathon.
  15. Never trust a runner with clean shoes!
  16. Aerobic exercise increases total sleep time on average by ten minutes per night( but it has almost no effect on how quickly people fall asleep or how soundly they sleep).
  17. If you want to clear your head run solo, if you want to be stronger run in a pack.
  18. 1576 is the number of steps up the Empire state building. 86 is the number of floors climbed in the annual Empire State Building run. Race record was 9 minutes and 53 seconds!
  19. In a marathon everyone hits "the wall." You can't run around it only through it.
  20. 26.2 percentage of U.S. population that gets the recommended amount of exercise. 27 percentage of Americans who are totally inactive!
  21. Dedication: Paying to run a race even when NO shirt is involved.
  22. One McDonalds big Mac=540 calories=4.35 miles for men 5.14miles woman.
  23.  If a runner falls in a forest and no one is around...She picks herself up and never mentions it!
  24. There are upwards of seventy-five million runners in the USA
  25. Fauja Singh, World's Oldest Runner At 101.
  26. Budhia Singh born 2002 is an Indian boy and the world's youngest marathon runner. By age 4 he had competed in 48 marathons.
                 .2  Be careful how many Chomps you take when running your marathon they will make    you "AIR-dynamic" !!

Just a little fun on the RUN~
Which mile did you like best?



  1. I think for sure this one is my fav:
    Never trust a runner with clean shoes!

    Because this woman would always chat with me about running and how she always runs and I would invite her or try to invite myself so we could run together.... Which after 6 months of trying I gave up. 6 months later I saw her with the same running outfit and clean shoes.... hmmmm made me think she never actually ran! Carri~A Running bee

  2. Maybe not a fun fact, but still a good message: never mess with a woman who runs 26.2 miles for fun :D

    1. Right ON! It would be fun to do a post and have everyone add theirs. I like that one!

  3. I like #23 ;) but i apply that to tripping on the road too lol, or slipping on the ice & snow!!

    1. We have had our fair shares of falls Danielle. But we can keep them between the two of us! Shh.. I keep secrets!

  4. haha - I love these!!! & you're right - an injury or being told you shouldn't run makes you want to run more then ever!

    1. Sometimes even blogging we have to have a little fun Rebecca. Like running we get sick of the same old same old. It was a lot of fun coming together with these.

  5. Carri! That is a great story. Or I would even go as far to say "Never trust a runner in CUTE shoes." Only my last pair were really cute...I didn't plan it that way though!