"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday Runday: Product Reviews

  • 8am Jama and I met some winter warriors for their first Husky Roadrunners kick off. It was great! I was very impressed with the dedication of the runners. (Considering it was -2 degrees and our kids were off school.)   We have a lot of new runners. And we also have a lot of runners who have not done much running outside. Keeping these factors at the top we started our 5K training with Intervals. 1:1. Walk 1 minute, run 1 minute. We did this for roughly 30 minutes which equated to a little more than 2 miles.
  • Genesys Athletic Club. I came home, changed and headed to the gym to get some of my training miles in.  Sometimes when you run a lone you think you are isolated. Like you are the only one out there training. NOT TRUE! Over the last couple days I have heard many runners training. Regardless of what the Michigan forecast is looking like, there are a lot of people training HARD. It was a great reminded to kick myself back into the hurt locker. "There is always someone training harder than you."
  • 1Mile W/U in Track. 3x1600m repeats with 400 easy jog recovery. 3x400m repeats with easy jog in between.
  • Total miles 7 miles
  • Fastest mile: 6:52
  • Mistakes made: I should've Run Faster on mile repeats. Just a Lil bit. I always get scared I wont be able to hang so I hold back.
  • Funny: Watching this guy totally having his own dance off on the elliptical! This guy was nuts! I think he was a little crazier than me. I have done a little dancing and singing on the TM but only for a song. He did it over 30 minutes!
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
New Product! Loved this Drink. It was so refreshing. It has 18 calories per serving. Not that I watch my calories but many of you do. It has a light sweetness to it. I drank the whole bottle minus 1 drink I shared with Austin. Austin reviewed it too. "Wow, that is surprisingly good!" I quickly snatched it back!
For Valentines Day I got spoiled. I actually took the fun for Andy out of my gift by posting what I would like. But I got everything! SPOILED.
Godiva, Honey Stingers chomps, New socks and Race Registration to Pot O Gold.

My new socks are Feetures. They were Love at first sight. But the true test is a LONG RUN. As soon as I put my foot into them, my feet melted in them. They hugged my feet, sparking a dynamic relationship.

I am Curious..Who Out there is trying to win the Sport Kilt??? Have you checked out the website?? What Size do you wear??



  1. Great gifts! My bf surprised me with jewelry, not the running skirt I was expecting haha

    1. Michelle, so funny how we love our Running Gear. I need to invest in some new shorts/skirts. Have you found any that you like. I want some that are a little longer. They are hard to find.

    2. I haven't really looked, but it seems like all the shorts underneath are really short. I want long-ish shorts with rubber on the inside to keep them in place. Not sure I'll be able to find it. Basically I want my tri shorts with a skirt on top!

  2. I have those very same feetures socks! Well... mine are a little larger. :) And I'm not trying to win the sport kilt; I already have one and would feel bad for taking one from someone else....

    1. Fritz, You were the one that inspired me to get a sports kilt. I LOVE it. I actually have 2 because my sons fits me! They sure have a lot of colors...And some really cool accessories!

  3. Super Valentine's goodies! I am putting those socks on my wish list! I haven't seen that drink but I will be keeping my eye out for it. I drink way too much Crystal Light and I'm ready for a change. I checked out the sport kilts and I'm thinking a size small but would take measurements if I won LOL! Carri~A Running bee

    1. You would definetly be a size small. They have really nice Velcro to size up or down. I LOVE my KILT!!!

  4. Great mile repeats Anita - you were smoking! Love the kilt, but i don't think I could pull off the look as good as you;-)