"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Grosse Ile Memorial Day 8k

I tried to keep a secret from Andy and make our anniversary a surprise but Andy always manages to figure it out!
It would have probably helped had I hid the registration form for the race rather than leaving it on the microwave.
None the less Andy picked up the registration and looked at me puzzled and I knew that look..His wires connected...We were running a race for our anniversary!
But he still did not know where we where staying.

Andy's mom and dad took the boys for us overnight and we headed towards Detroit Sunday after church.

Andy packed the bikes and thought it would be fun to ride around the river in Detroit.
As we were pulling into the parking structure we knew we were coming into something eye opening.
There were a lot of young people parking their cars along side of us. The girls were half dressed and the guys looked like they were half baked. It was nice out but not warm enough to wear a rainbow tutu and a sports bra.
As we walked our bikes out of the parking structure the techno music was bumping. It was only 1pm and you could feel the party starting. I love to people watch but I am not very balanced on a bike so I had to really focus on my biking skills so that I would not run anyone over.
We road our bikes all across the River Walk. It was so pleasant with the warm sun coming down on us and the cool breeze brushing our skin. The city of Detroit have done a beautiful job with restoration and conservation of the area along the water. There were several others that had the same idea as us.
We road our bikes over 6 miles to Belle Isle. There were a couple places that the path ended and we had to pick it back up in some shady areas. We pedaled much faster in those places!

After biking, site seeing, picture taking we headed back to where we started.
WOW!! In just a couple hours the area got very colorful.  The music was louder and young people were filling the streets, getting in line for this techno concert. The smell of Wacky Tabaccy wafted through the air, many of them were drinking and stoned. Andy's head was spinning off and my heart was broken. Girls with guys, guys with guys and girls with girls. Many I could not tell if they were a girl or a guy. The clothing was scarce and left nothing to the imagination. They were all dancing and yelling: it was a big party.
I was young once. I tried to bring myself back there...but I still just didn't get it.
But I knew this much. They were someones daughter, someones son, someones grandchild, cousin, sister or brother. 
I thought of how this must hurt God. It hurt me. I have no hate. It just hurt to see. I thought of how I am just seeing a glimpse of this..But God sees so much more of it.

I felt safe back in my Saturn Outlook. I was burdened after all that I saw. I ready to leave.

I had to let Andy know where we were going at that point.
The Grosse Ile Pilot House.
It was nothing fancy but it was historical and the only place on the island to stay.
I was happy to hear Andy say he thought it was very cool. Neither one of us need to stay at a 5star hotel. It just has to be in a decent neighborhood, clean and smell clean!

We woke up early in the morning to have a cup of coffee and stretch before our race.
We headed towards the High school for registration about 7:45am.
This race was very organized with a lot of volunteers.
I saw several runners stretching and chatting with pre-race excitement.

I love the emotion that sifts through the air before a race. It is contagious. As you walk towards the starting line your heart double skips and your eyes circulate your competition. I find myself reading shirts and identifying shoes. I scope out the serious runners looking for PR's and placement medals. I secretly giggle at the conversations that are spoke out of competition and pride. One person speaks of a time while another responds of a race with a better time. Or one says their goal and then another says their goal never really listening to what each other has even spoken.

There was a guy I couldn't help but stare at. He had his bright blue singlet from this years Boston Marathon on with matching bootie shorts. He had a inch thick gold necklace on with a matching gold bracelet. His hair was shoulder length, thick and he looked like a short stocky version of Don Johnson. I am very proud of being able to run the Boston Marathon and especially this year. But I am always afraid I might be pretentious wearing all my Boston garb. I never want people to define me as braggadocios or prideful.

"READY SET GO!!" is all it took for us runners to take flight. I ran ahead of Andy upon his request.
There were almost 800 runners between the fun mile, the 5K and the 8K. The 8K seemed less congested. My first mile I ran at a 7 minute pace and was feeling pretty good. I was running next to a girl in her 20's and I stayed close enough to her that she could hear my breathing. I was able to pass her at mile 2 where I saw another girl just up ahead of me another 20 feet. Keeping my eyes on her I started to close the gap. Again once I caught up to her I stayed on her heels so she could feel my breathing down her back. I wanted her to know I was there. I could tell she was not wanting me to pass her and that she was pushing it through her own pride. I just stayed there behind her. I knew I didn't need to speed up to pass her ..She was going to drop back and let me pass her. I could just tell, I can tell by their breathing, their pace, and their posture. Just before we hit the trail she dropped down and I entered the trail before her.
I wanted to try and be the 1st female to cross the finish line and I thought I had it.
I lost a mile in my run. I thought I had another mile when I made that turn towards the high school. I usually kick it into gear before then but I got confused and had to make the best of it. "Go Go Go Nita" I told myself.
And just like that I was done!

Well I wasn't the first girl to cross the finish line but I was the SECOND! But like the saying goes "Nobody remembers 2nd place!"
Although. I did get 1st place in my division. That helped me recover and Andy ran amazing which really made the race perfect.

It was a great race and a great anniversary.
I have a lot to be thankful for.


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  1. Congrats! Wish I had known you were running GI - I would have come and run it "with" you but 25 minutes slower haha