"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Being Used in a Mighty way!

My kids school asked me and 3 other people to start a running club. The running club would be designed to prep people to a 5K that the school would direct in June.
I am a coach for the intermediate runners. I do not really think of myself as a coach..More like a cheerleader, or a mentor.

Tonight I ran with the advanced group. The Coach for this group is pretty fast. I was on my way there when my son asked me to pick him up at the gym. He was working out with his dad and wanted to get some extra miles in for cross country. This meant he was going with me to do mile repeats!

I was so happy Austin was taking the inititive to run more. I think I was cheesing all the way to the school.

But that smile quickly turned into a UGLY FACE the first mile repeat at 7 Lakes with the other 3 in our group.

It was 82 degrees with a strong head wind and I was DYING.

When we finished our first mile repeat we all took a minute to catch our breath then "Coach Craven" said "Ok, Lets GO!"

This was my second run of the day and I was hearing myself pulling out all the excuses in the midst of my agony.
Austin was complaining to me his first mile and then the second mile he left me still catching my breath!

I ran with "Jama". And she is fast. She is a newer runner and a natural.

After we finished the second run "Jama" shared that she had some tests done and asked us to pray for her. We laid our hands on her right there and called out to Jesus. We prayed miracles over her body and wellness to consume her. It was Incredible. I was so blessed to be part of this. To call out to Him with others, I was so thankful God used me. I was impressed by "Jamas" running but more impressed by her COURAGE to ask for prayer.

This was not the first time today I was used in a mighty way with my running. I had lunch with "Kerri" and "Father Daniel". He wanted to share his Boston experience with us.
When he shared where he fell apart during the Boston Marathon I nervously asked him "Father Daniel...Did you pray to God for STRENGTH and Endurance at that time?"  He sadly and honestly answered..."No".
I shared Gods miracles in my running when I called out to HIM. I shared the miracle of healing and endurance that HE has given me. UNDENIABLE Miracles...Just by me CALLING out to HIM.


It was a fulfilling night. We finished our club run with 4 repeats. The last repeat was a slow jog for me.
Austin threw up his 3rd repeat but finished it out!

A son after my own heart. I promised him Dairy Queen if he could keep up with "Coach Craven".
Peanut butter shake was his order of choice!

Run 1: Genysis: 4:66 Nice and Easy, COLD PLUNGE, roll, stretch and Core.
Run 2: 7 Lakes: 4:78 miles. 3x 1 mile repeats



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  2. That's so awesome that you are able to be involved with coaching! Yay!

    1. Thanks Melissa...It is more like mentoring. I just love IT!

  3. I just smiled all the way through this!!!

    I need to remember to do that myself... just pray out the whole way! I'm the one usually running listening to Christian music, so I'll have my hands in the air, worshipping right there on a run :)

    A big high five for being willing to help with the running program!

    1. Hi Rebecca JO.
      Smiling is good! I love working with people. I love encouraging people especially when it evolves around running.

      Sometimes it is hard though. Not everyone thinks the same Rebecca JO. Running to some people is still competitive in their mind. This mind set prevents people from seeing your intention and heart. I love doing all I can though to glorify God