"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Monday, November 12, 2012

The Healing Power Component

"And as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them." Luke 6:31
Cold rainy days are often filled with gloom and are a open invitation to a pity party. With my wounded heart it is not hard to go to a pity party and bring a dish to pass.
I had terrible nightmares last night and could not sleep. Every time I thought I was on the cusp of zoning off a memory or a thought entered my mind and shook the sleep out of my eyes.
Although 6 am came quick I did not fight the comforts of my bed because there was no comfort. There was no peace, my mind was raging.

I had plans today and my plans were not going to be sitting at home crying all day. I wanted to feel Ariel in a very real and healing way. I wanted to be close to the ones that were close to her.
The Healing Component was be a Blessing and get a Blessing. I did this in 6 ways Today:
  1. I called Ariel's Sorority sisters, I spoke to "Rebecca"and a couple others. I  told "Rebecca" about some donations we had for her Scholarship Fund in Ariel's name. I also answered a question that she had and just something so simple made her so very happy. 
  2. I went out to our young adults pastors house.  "Scott" and " Jessica" are a beautiful couple.  "Scott" is a good friend to Andy.  "Jessica" needed her hair cut and I didn't want her to have to come out with little ones so I told them I would come to them. We had a very special visit. I learned of some recent loss that their family have been dealing with and it pulled on my heartstrings. It felt to good to hug "Jessica" I could feel her pain and I know she could feel mine too.
  3. Charlie wanted a plant from the funeral and didn't get one but I did. I wanted "Charlie" to have part of mine. I feel like he is part of our family and it was important for me to share my plant with him. I actually took my little plant to a florist and had them split it and put it in a nice container for the both of us. I surprised "Charlie" with it today taking it up to his work. This made him smile. 
  4. I called mom several times and each time I called to check on her she was boo woo-ing. And when she heard my voice she started laughing and said "You caught me, and keep pulling me out of my bad place".   I Love how God used me to encourage mom, even in my grief I could help her in hers. 
  5. I invited "Mo" over for dinner and chat. "Mo" was Ariel's best friend from high school. I really enjoy being close to the ones that were close to Ariel. I gave "Mo" a necklace that matched the necklace I had bought for Ariel for Christmas this year. She was brought to tears. This really blessed me.
  6. As "Mo" and I finished dinner my neighbor "Lori" called and needed a huge favor. Her daughter "Ashley" had hit a deer and needed someone to go out and help her with the police and tow truck. I felt honored that my neighbor trusted me and thought of me to help her.
"And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works"

Life is so much more fulfilling when you fill it with others. "OTHERS" that is the Healing Component. "Others" can bring you a blessing, can birth you a smile, can pull you out of a pit, and can help to heal you little by little. So many people are hurting. So many people out there have pain that is so real and so raw to them. Just as our Pain is to us. But the power in dying to ourselves and our desires and our depression can help to turn our frown upside down. It does not remove our pain, I don't want anything to take away my broken heart but I do want to be used by God all the time and in every way I can.

Distance: 7 miles
Pace: 8:04
Bike 5 miles
Run 5 miles. Hills

Ran Hard today! I Had my Ariel Angel wings on and they were sweating to. I so badly wanted to quit towards my last set but "Failure WAS NOT an OPTION!"
Never Never Never quit. 



  1. Anita, you are so awesome! I am so inspired and encouraged by your grace and willingness and desire to help others in your pain. What a great outlook! I love you! (This is Jill, not anonymous.)

    1. Jill, You know me better than that. I am far far from Awesome.That was a good day. I am struggling today. The mind is a battlefield. Feeling alot of hurts and trying to give people the benefit of the doubt which is starting to hurt me more and more. I know how to get that healing component but the more you put yourself out there encouraging and loving others you set yourself up. I then think maybe others will do the same, but they don't. And that hurts. PRAY FOR ME.