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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Trying to keep up with my RUNNING NOSE!

TOP 5 responses to "What to do when your mind is working Against YOU?" 
I loved the responses that I got. I got quite a few but thought I would post my top 6. I gotta say that these replies really came in handy today on my 20 miler. I think I used EVERYONE at some point or another. The one that came in handy the most was:
Ben B. Shut it off! The more a person internalizes thoughts the worse time they'll have. Instead focus on the scenery, objects in the distance that can serve as "mini-accomplishments....

Jill Privalsky i tell myself that this is it.. this is the event i have been training for. i tell myself that although it's tough, i have the capability to push through... i try to think about when i cross that finish line.. how i want no regrets. i want to know that i didn't let my guard down once during the whole race.. i remind myself that it's not the time that matters, but rather the effort i put in!!!
Lou Thrash Break miles down into small chunks and mentally get a goal for that part. Also get someone to be at certain mile markers looking for you. Gives you something to look forward to. For really tough miles have a runner friend come meet and pace you for a while
  • Stop thinking. I get some mindless tune going and zone out. 
      I like distraction. When I feel my thoughts turning negative, I start counting my footsteps. I concentrate on timing them to my breathing. Three steps per breath, one breath per second, 180 steps per minute. If that doesn't work, I usually think about food. That post run smoothie has helped me finish so many times...
      Listen to podcasts like Dirt Dawg's Running Diatribe and Chris Russell"s RunRunLive 2.0!
    Shut it off! The more a person internalizes thoughts the worse time they'll have. Instead focus on the scenery, objects in the distance that can serve as "mini-accomploishments," and listening to breathing and cadence!
    Shut it off! The more a person internalizes thoughts the worse time they'll have. Instead focus on the scenery, objects in the distance that can serve as "mini-accomploishments," and listening to breathing and cadence!

    It was a great day to have to run 20 miles if ever I saw one. But it did not lessen the punch it only made it more tolerable. The best conditions for a long grueling 20 miler!
     Not only did Andy decide to run a few miles with me but so did my nephew Brian.
     It was pretty cool though because my nephew Brian decide to run with me too!
    So I took off at 1pm with Andy to pick up Brian at 2:15 at moms house. Brian shows up looking all buff in his MARINES tee shirt. He decided to run Andy back home with me, about 3 1/2 miles back.

    So I had company for a total of 8 miles.  That meant 12 ALONE. It was a Snot and Go kinda run.
    I had the water belt around my waist. HORRIBLE, uncomfortable, tight, then loose then wobbly. I could not adjust it properly, the water kept jostling all over till it rearranged the water belt. I must have adjusted it 20 times by the time I had gotten 2 miles from dropping them off.
    I found the long grass and took it off. I did 4 miles then came back grabbed a small water bottle and took off for another 3.
    By the time I got back I switched water bottles putting the empty  one back in the holster and carrying the larger one filled with water and CHIA. This was going to be my last stop. I had six miles to go so I put the belt back on without the weight of the water and headed off.
    ALLERGY season means Alot of Snot. My nose kept running and I had nothing to wipe it with. I tried to do what Andy does, holding one nostril them blowing out the other. Not VERY Girly. But because of my lack of experience in blowing snot I got alot more in my mouth. NASTY. Not only gross tasting my own snot but then my ears got clogged and started popping. But with in minutes my nose would start running all over again. I continued to try the snot blowing thing...when there were not cars and with a upper lip full of goo I then just said the heck with it and pulled the inside of my shirt across my lip wiping it dry.. What a snotty mess! As gross as this was it worked. After running 16 miles having a shirt full of nostril juice was the last thing on my mind. I had dirt stuck in my sweat and my hands were gritty with sweat and dust from the back roads, my feet were starting to hurt and I wanted to make sure I was still running at "conversational pace"...A little liquid goo..No biggie.
    Conversational Pace...on long runs you should have no difficulty chatting..or blowing snot..lol
    So OUT LOUD I tested myself:
    "Anita can you talk to yourself?" I sang out loud*
    "Anita can you laugh at yourself?"
    "Anita can you sing to yourself?"
    "That's right sing, sing out loud. sing sing sing"  And I did. I was still in the game..I waSNOT to bad!

    Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference in the world. But, the Marines don't have that problem.
    Ronald Reagan, President of the United States; 1985

    Stud Muffin....HIM Not ME!





  1. I feel your allergy pain! Glad you didn't let a little snot keep you out of the run. This post had me L-O-L!!!

    1. Nina I know this is the talk this season..But UGH, I wish I had a chip clip for my nose. It was slightly comical..It was more fun to laugh when I was dying at different parts of my run!

  2. Thanks for posting the "Top 6", I'll definitely use those!

  3. OHH good Jessica, I wasnt sure if you were gonna get them, I was going to send it to you!! So Supa Happy!!!
    Tonight I am going to start answering all your questions, One by One....If you can think of any more let me know!