"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Marathon Madness: Just the Basics Questions Answered.

 Not everyone is a runner. Not everyone even have passions anymore. I was speaking to a childhood friend of mine this week and she was in a slumber. She just wanted to have a passion. She wanted something to call her own. something to get excited about that was hers. She wanted something that set her apart, gave her personal zest and excitement.
That is running. As runners we are a unique bunch. We are passionate and deep. We all have a story, a disappointment and a dream. We have seen our hell and touched the clouds to heaven.  Most of us don't run for winning because every race finished is a victory. We run for OURSELVES. Yes, we have medals and bibs, we have the tee shirt and the photo. But we have something else, we have routine, passion, perseverance and a unique support group. We come in all shapes and sizes, we have different goals and gifts..but when it all comes down to it we all lace up the same.

This is my own thoughts, these are my ideas and suggestions unless otherwise state. I am sharing this from MY personal experience.
Here are a few questions that "Jessica" wanted to know about training for a marathon:

  What should I know for training?
 I personally would recommend running a marathon with at least 1 year of running experience. This time frame sets up our body into motion. It transitions both your body and your mind into warrior mode. Allowing it to adapt safely. Running that distance puts a lot of stress on your body, so moving into it slower is better.
Running a marathon is a RACE. I would get some Racing Experience. Have fun. Set goals: sign up a 5K, then a 10K, then a HALF Marathon....all this leading to the Mac Daddy...The Marathon. Baby steps. Mini accomplishments.

 What are your favorite shoes, gear, etc?
Everyone has different favorites, but here are mine!!
  • Shoes: Brooks/Asaics
  • Shorts: Brooks
  • I love running socks, Asaics, Brooks
  • I run with my GARMIN..watch, keeps pace, alerts, heart rate, distance ,GPS &much more!
  • Running Magazines, http://www.runnersworld.com/, Running Times ect....
  • My favorite running Hat: LUCY Hat 
  • Nutrition for LONG RUNS: CHOMPS, CHIA SEEDS, Juice Plus gummies
  • FOAM ROLLER!!  "Trigger Point"

 Do you run with music?

Yes..I LOVE listening to music. I have used music as a way to escape since childhood. I would play old cassettes of Prince Purple Rain, David Bowie or homemade cassettes from the local radio stations all day and night long. I would fall asleep with the headphones pierced into my ears to drown out the alcoholic chaos that was going on in the other rooms.  
Music stirs me, drives me and has the power to set a mood with in me. 
Most of your larger races do not encourage Ipods, or music. People do not hear if there is an emergency vehicle coming or hear if they should take a certain "Turn". It is a distraction for many runners. 
When training it is always good to run "Quiet". It gives you the opportunity to LISTEN. Listen to your breathing and footwork and SELF. I usually like to drown my "SELF" out...but it is a mental thing. You have to have your HEAD in the GAME. A strong mind is not exercised if it is ignored. 

What are some good foods?
3 Keys to Healthy diet: Balance, Moderation and Variety. 
It really is SIMPLE. Eat the daily recommendations for all food categories AND mixing it up is Variety! 
Moderation is not EXCESS. Remember you are what you eat! If you want a body that is going to perform for you than you have to fuel it properly! Also when you eat right you will find that mentally you are more focused and sensible. Eating right is so important. FAST FOOD is a NO NO. It is processed, high in saturated fats and usually not even natural.

Do you eat before or after a run (or both)?
 If you eat to soon before running you will most likely get a side stitch or cramps. You can run through these but it is going to make your run uncomfortable.
At least 30 minutes before. I like a Banana, WW bagel, Oatmeal or a power bar. 
Hydration is equally as important. A couple of hours before your run try and drink 2 glasses of h2O. 

After running you may not feel like eating but wait...OH YOU WILL!!! I like to have a protein shake. This aids in my recovery and is a healthy way to recover your tiny muscle tears. 
 When do your long runs do you have your phone on you?
NO!...Unless Ipod is dead. I ran with it last week and it was beeping and dinging notifications the whole time at me..So distracting!

 Did u wear one for marathon?
I don't even run with a phone for a marathon. I see many people with phones. They are nice to have to take pictures of the run and the race activities. They are also good to have for finding family members at the end of the race where it tends to get congested with spectators, participants and volunteers. Most races have a drop off site now for your personal items and setting up meeting times and places after a race is most convenient.
Amphipod makes both of these items!Holds keys,chomps ect..
Andy just recently bought me a couple new running items.
Holds 20oz H20. Easier than the water belt...Long run this weekend...

 Knee joint pills?
ICE ICE ICE! I ice 20 minutes after my run. Motrin, helps inflammation.  My brother Bobby reminded me a few months ago how important it is to ice. After 2 knee surgeries (not from running) I want my knees to take care of me as long as I can, so I try and take care of them. I did take glucosamine for a while also, Joint Juice is very popular.

"Psalms 18:33 "He makes my feet like the feet of a deer."
Sometimes we have these runs, but God also gives us brains with that body. Be good to the body he gave you. Take care of it, manage it properly and notice what it does to you in return.  ~

If you have any more questions please let me know, I love to help and encourage others to run. 
What suggestions do you have for these questions????



  1. so you do not take gluco pilles for joints anymore? those are expensive and need to take 3 a day! My Chiro just told me to get some and bought some yesterday!

    I also just bought a foam roller but went to your site called Trigger Point Therapy...do you have that roller?

    Thanks for the info, I am going to buy Chia seeds today!
    love ya girl!

    1. I use the Trigger point. I had bad knee pain last year right before Boston and thought I was not going to be able to run it. I went to a PT...Clint Verran.. and He said it was my ITBAND. I continued to go to him to massage out my inflamed ITBAND and "Rolling" it out everyday twice a day and stretching allowed me to be able to run My race. I continue to roll it and stretch it but I do not have "that" knee pain any longer...that pain was from the inflamation putting stress on my knee. If you do a "search" on rolling I think I have pictures of how to roll....
      Hope this helps..BTW...How are you doing??? How is the running going??

  2. I just wanted to mention that I will carry my phone with me on long runs, but more for emergency reasons. I sometimes turn it off, so it won't interrupt me with something that is not important, but I can turn it on to make a call if I get in trouble, like if the weather is bad or I am going to be running really far from home (or any biking, in case of mechanical/crash). I will leave it on/answer it if I am using a young babysitter and not a family member/adult to watch the kids. Also, I had a lady once come up to me frantic because her toddler had locker her out of her home, and I didn't have a phone she could borrow. Thankfully, I was still able to help her, but just not as quickly as if I had my phone with me.

    1. Great point Melissa, reminds me of last year, this motorcyclist took a curve too wide and almost hit me, he lost control and crashed REALLY bad and I did not have a phone on me but thankfully the VAN that ALMOST Hit him did.....

  3. I love what you said, "A strong mind is not exercised if it is ignored" - that was great advice!! So many good tips here, thanks Nita! I was wondering though, what is a foam roller?

    1. Jessica, do a search on my blog I think I have pictures of the one I use and how to use it. Go to the "Trigger Point" link I put up on this post...Highly recommend a Foam roller!!
      BTW...thanks..You will have to let me know what you think about running the marathon now..I would love to hear your feelings!


  4. Hi Anita,
    All great advice! Something I feel like I should know, but I really don't - how do I know when to replace my shoes? I've been wearing them since October and they have 400-500 running miles on them, yet they still feel great. My feet feel great, my joints feel great. Any suggestions?

    Thanks! Happy running!

    1. Michelle, Running shoes..replace 350-500 miles. Replace doesnt have to mean remove. If they are still good shoes you can alternate them, or use them for cross training, or as walking shoes. I never throw any of my shoes out. I am currently collecting them to donate at a run I am racing.
      But if they still feel good then keep using them but I would go purchase another pair and alternate the two of them.
      Treat yourself, after running 500 miles..You Deserve it!!!