"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Sunday, March 4, 2012

18 miles..When you start to loose it.


The Long Run : Defined it is the highest amount of mileage that you run in your week according to your training schedule. The long run is calculated on the distance you are training for.

The Long run is typically done on Saturdays or Sundays. 
Long runs are usually done at a conversational pace ( you can talk through your run) usually at about 70-75% of max HR if you  train with heart rate.

What a long run DEFINES to ME...UGH. to the max!
I dread it for a few reasons:
  1. I usually have no one to run with me.
  2. It is cold and windy out in the winter.
  3. It is hard to carry hydration bottles, I HATE water belts. They are uncomfortable and cumbersome.
  4. It takes up soo much time. 
I felt myself getting a little crazy in the head around mile 12. I had picked a loop that was saturated with hills...BTW exchange the I for a in the word HILL and that is what my body was experiencing. My lack of judgment in planning my run was directed by me being a eager beaver. I absentmindedly misplaced the "hills" in the course I was about to suffer through.

At mile 14 I was being challenged by what seemed like the 100th hill. I felt like I was scaling MT Everest. The wind was cutting through me. My hips were throbbing from the stupid water belt,(bruises now have birthed in its place) and I had chews stuck in my teeth with no energy to get up this "Summit" let alone pick the gooey stuff out of my mouth. About that time a voice escaped my mouth, a noice that a dying animal makes right before it kicks the bucket. It is a mixture of heavy breathing and "please shoot me now".
As I reached the top, I thought I was at least HALF dead..Because my entire lower extremities were numb. Like they were being battery operated because I totally didn't feel like I was in control any longer! Then after my last "Breath" I heard myself say OUT Loud, "Here I come guys." ...What the heck did that mean?? Random delusional words just spewing from my mouth. "Here I come.."??! HA ha ...I then started cracking up at myself, just laughing like I was a stand up comic. CRAZY...

I thought Running was to prevent therapy..Now I was questioning the whole concept of "Running is my form of therapy."
Well, I made it home. I over shot my 18 mile loop by a half of a mile. I walked that in. I think my mind will recover, I know my body always does.

The purpose of the long run is not just to prepare you for your goal but also to strengthen you and build your endurance.
You may read this and think "Why would you do this, THAT does not sound like fun."
The Pain is in the Process BUT the Prize is in the Passion.
It HAS to get done. We all have goals, passions, responsibilities. Things that HAVE to get done. Sitting on the couch Doesn't get it DONE, Playing Words with Friends Doesn't get it DONE, talking on the phone, picking your nose, making excuses...DOESN'T get it DONE. Only going out there, pulling up your boot straps and tackling it, against the obstacles Gets IT DONE!

How was your long run this Weekend?? Do you dread it or look forward to it? Do you relate to that feeling you are starting to "loose it"? Please tell me I am NOT going CRAZY!!


All in at once!!
Chicken breast Diced,
2 can northern beans
1 can Refried Beans
1 can Green Chilies
1 Can white corn
1 can Butter beans
1 Can Pinto beans
1/4 copped onion
Cilantro, bushel
Garlic, cumin, salt pepper to taste
Serve with Cheese, sour cream and Tortilla chips.
Crock pot on low for 8 hours. or high for 4

"Other benefits of long runs include: helps improve your endurance by strengthening the heart and opening the capillaries; strengthens your leg muscles and ligaments; teaches your body to burn fat as fuel; and develops your mental toughness and coping skills" 



  1. LOVE IT!
    I hate long runs!
    My KNEES hurt and I am working on cross training to strengthen them.
    I also agree with the water bottle! I go and place them in with my car ahead of time or hit a gas station along the way.
    Going to try your receipe this week!
    God Bless Girl!

  2. Thanks Heather. Yeah, funny how the smallest irritation can swell into the largest Obstacle when you are barely into that long run. It is about Perception. We get frustrated knowing we have "so many miles left" And that is where the little trinkets of aggravation echo in our heads and feel soo Real and Defeating.

    The Chili was so easy and inexpensive OH yeah..and HEALTHY, Great Power Food for after a Long RUN!!!

    Run with Perseverance, Anita