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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dog Daze..

The day went pretty smooth.
It was a great day here is Michigan, the temps reached 61 Degrees!!

It was Very Very Windy though. I really put a lot of thought into my route trying to pick the path with the least resistance!
The Queen of Sheba
My Dog Sheba took me for a run! When we set out we were running side by side then gradually she started falling behind. It must have looked like abuse to the car that came up beside me. I hear this guy yelling at me over my headphones and jumped a mile high. I usually always hear cars come up. This Old Guy  repeats himself saying  "You look like you are tiring your dog out." Not knowing what to say I just smiled. But then he didn't drive past me, He stayed right next to me running in his car! So I smiled and said " No, she is tiring me out!" He smiled and said something, but then strolled past me in his shining red car with license pates from Georgia.
That was weird I thought, He was cute and innocent and all but "great" he thinks I am a dog abuser.
Sheba has ran 9 miles with me, we had only ran 3 at this point. Now I was concerned someone was going to call Doggie Protective Services on me.
Out of guilt, I decided to head home, drop Sheba off at home and run another mile alone. She wanted to play, I took her, she had fun, but it was her first run of the Spring and I didn't want to over do it!

"Nitro" was named after the fuel in cars, but as he got older I called him NitroGlycerin! So sweet.
Speaking of Dogs. I felt so bad for my sister in law, Deb. Deb had to put her Boxer down today. "Nitro" was the reason we got Sheba.  Nitro was the coolest boxer. He was huge, he should have been called Goliath! I loved that dog. My heart goes out to their family. They had him for almost 11 years. I told my oldest son tonight that they had to put Nitro down and Austin looked devastated. "Why Mom? Why did they do that?" He started having hip problems a couple years ago and it was painful to watch him walk the last year. His poor legs would come out from under him and he couldn't bring them hardly back together again. I explained that to Austin but you could see the sadness in his eyes.

I never thought I was a dog person, But they are such great company. It is amazing how loving, forgiving and accepting dogs are. They don't discriminate, they love and accept just about anyone. It is pretty cool actually, Too bad we were not more like Dogs in that way~

"Don't accept your dog's admiration as conclusive evidence that you are wonderful!"
Ann Landers



  1. So true that our dogs become our family. We lost our dog unexpectedly last summer, and though Trango wasn't able to run more than 5 miles with me anymore, I remember the days when it was I that couldn't keep up with HIM! Sometimes I was irritated that he kept slowing down, then I remembered that he was 9 years old. Sometimes I think he just knew we were coming up on the end of the run and he was prolonging it on purpose!! He was pretty smart. He was my buddy and reason to walk to the bus stop everyday to get the kids. "Trango needs the exercise" we would rationalize. "Trango needs a walk after dinner". he was the greatest black lab mix ever, and our first family dog. It hurt alot when he had to leave so soon, but I think about him so much as I run now. Wishing I had him by my side - always felt safe with a big black dog!! It'll be a year in June, and I think our family is about ready to commit to another four legged friend. I know I am!!
    Thoughts and prayers to Deb and her family Nita!!

    1. Danielle, He would not want you out there running alone. He knew how much Joy he brought you. I love how you rationalized chores for the dog. I know that if I was a dog, I would want to be your dog!! I think this is a great time to start looking, Potty training in the summer is always easier!!
      I do love the security of a dog also. My Sheba though would only lick you to death!
      Thank you for the thoughts and prayers for my sister in law, Deb~
      See you soon, dear friend

  2. It is so hard to lose a dog! I haven't had one in a while. They can be tricky to run with. The dog across the street from us is getting his running legs. He is a large lab, and if they start too quickly with him, it will bother his pads.

    1. Yeah, they make good running partners but your right, you have to be aware of them. Even in the 60 degree days they get dehydrated to fast. One good thing though, the pavement is the best nail cutter there is!

  3. My other friend, Anita, lost her beloved black lab last night to a fast car on the road. She is devastated also. She isn't a Christian; good time to pray for her!

    1. Dear anonymous, That would be devastating. To have to find your poor dog like that I just can not imagine. My heart goes out to your friend "Anita". This makes me so sad for her. Prayer is so good, for healing hearts.