"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Can Running make you SEXY?

My favorite TM at Genesys was open. Its a snap decision between the track and the TM. Only about 20 feet separate the two running tools.
My hands were full with all my running doo-hickies. I set my HoneyStinger waffle and chews in the cup holder on the left. I set my phone, water and gum in the cup holder on the right. I hung my hoodie up on the bar and I set my Runners World magazine up in front of me to hide the screen.

The GOAL: 7 miles @ a sub 8min/mi. Incline 1/2%
Nice Solid run. Get done and get out of the gym.

After punching in my digits in the TM I noticed the cover of the running magazine. A chubby Ultra runner in red briefs. He had a great smile and was sporting a very festive half naked look. Not my idea of Sexy I thought to myself. But then I thought "Neither am I" who am I to talk?!

Andy took my BMI a couple days ago and I am under weight. Skinny is NOT sexy. I know this. My Sexy days are over. I am a mom of two, in my 40's and happily married, striving to be SEXY hasn't been a thought for years.
I am forever getting people ask me if I eat. Even on the TM Jeff and another regular from the gym approached me at mile 2. The "Other Guy" smiling says "Girl, Do YOU EAT?"  I laughed and showed him my Honey Stinger waffles and chews. "Breakfast!"

After they left, I fixed my eyes back on Festive half naked Runner smiling at me.
Good for Him.
As I ran on the TM my body felt strong. My shoulders were back, my abs were tight and I felt kinda SEXY myself.
NOW, I am the farthest thing from Sexy.
BUT, ANDY thinks I am Sexy.
I look at these girls with beautiful curves. I can't compete even with a roll of Charmin. There isn't enough toilet paper to stuff my A Cup bra. I have the body of a pubescent BOY!
BUT, Andy thinks I am Sexy.

I still have a flat belly, one of Andys favorites. Andy has always been a "Butt man". Being Mexican has allowed me to still have a little bootie even being underweight.
I have been married almost 20 years. I still have a husband that compliments me EVERYDAY. It gets a little annoying when I am cooking dinner and he walks in with his coat and shoes still on to cop a feel. Or "Hey, whatcha wearing?" he giggles with a flirty look as he is looking down my pants. "UGH!"

I LOVE sweatpants. NOT very SEXY.  I roll the elastic down and wear a tank top to clean the house. I will look up and see Andy just staring at me. "UGH, Seriously Andy?"
He has this favorite response "HEY, You should be happy I still find you SEXY."
Even in sweatpants Andy finds me Sexy.

Running keeps me strong, agile and yes, I believe SEXY. I think that Guy on the cover of Runners World Felt SEXY. And good for HIM.
It feels good to be in your 40's and know you really aren't "SEXY material" but you can still turn your spouses head. You can still Feel Sexy!

Distance: 8 Miles, 7 miles sub 8, last quarter of a mile @ sub 6min/mi. 1 mile cool down with Jeff on the track. Getting some coaching from him.
I gotta say the TM had me jamming. I was in such a groove. I was running a sub 8 minute mile and doing some dance moves on the TM. I found myself dropping my shoulders and throwing the guns in the air! I would skip a step with ease. I was having my own party on the TM to the music in my ears. And in my party, I was SEXY! Sweaty, make-upless, smelly but Sexy!



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    1. Carri! Hey darling! You are so sweet. Thank you. You are a sassy thing yourself! Keep up that running you sexy beast!