"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Monday, November 30, 2015

I Think Myself Happy. Trails.

"I think myself happy..." Acts 26.2
It took me a couple times to lunge my body into this crack in the trees. I was determined!

I remember the first time I heard this verse. It was right after I had ran the Boston Marathon in 2014. I was still flying high on emotions. I had ran the Boston marathon in 2013 the year of the bombing, taking my family with me. Coming home from that marathon was devastating. My youngest, Alec was 11 at the time. He still struggles with residual damage from the bombing. Going back in 2014 seemed like a great idea to get my family to learn to turn their fear to faith.
We all came back from the marathon in 2014 safe and secure. I came home overdosed on happiness. When I heard the verse then correlated the 26.2 with it, I Felt like God was talking directly to me.
"Yes, I am Happy, 26.2 miles of happiness.

Today, I ran the Wilderness trail out at Holly Rec. I met Kris and Rachel. The two of them were more familiar with the trails. Kris will run the trails alone, I am a little apprehensive to run alone.
We would still be in there had I led and not Kris!
This is where we started and finish.

  1. I get lost even with a map.
  2. I have trust issues. TRUST No ONE especially when you are a twirp.
During our 2nd loop, 11 mile run, I must have complimented how awesome the run was, the trails were, the weather was and how beautiful the woods were.
I was SO happy.

I had some concerns going into our run. Was my body going to be strong after my long run the day before? Did I dress properly? Could I leave the woods injury free?

"For as he thinks within himself, so he is..." Proverbs 23:7
To be totally honest with you. When I touched base with Kris to see if we were still running the trails this morning there was a small voice of fear that wanted her to back out. Fear that my body was going to be too sore to run. Fear that I wouldn't be able to keep up.
I began to question myself. Question my training. Question my strength, stamina and abilities.
I loved seeing the Sun coming through the trees. You cant get that in the gym,

When Kris responded the details of our run my mind did a 180'. 
Determined to make the most out of my run I knew I had to change my stinking thinking.
I love running trails. I had my own personal chauffeur to direct me around them. My body felt great, I wasn't sore at all.
I had to get over myself. I was getting more and more stoked.
Happiness does not come from a circumstance or a situation. It doesn't just show up at the mouth of the trail. It has to be coaxed. As much as I love running the trails I had myself backed into a corner based on fear. Fear that would have dismissed an epic trail run with no remorse.


The things we think about permeate in our every fiber. If we allow negative thoughts, fearful thoughts, insecure thoughts or defeating thoughts to absorb our Faith, Love, Security, they will have victory over us preventing us from experiencing life in its fullness.

The first loop with the girls went very smooth...too smooth. The second loop we were all feeling it. It was the second loop that we all tripped. We never ate the dirt but our gazelle like prancing had a few blunders. I twisted my ankle, jumping up trying to recover. There was no making it look pretty, it was an ugly twist, like when that chicks head turns around on the Exorcist. However, even with twisted ankles,  heavy breathing, tired legs we were filled with gratitude. We had taken time to pray together, laugh with each other and soak in the beauty all around us. Not for one minute taking our run for granted.

What are you allowing to have Victory over YOU? Are you choosing fear, insecurity, envy etc. over Love, Peace, Joy, etc. ?

Kris, Rachel and ME!


  1. I often refer other runners to your blog. This past Friday I finally met my friend/co-worker's son who was home for college. I found that he is interested in running Boston. He needs to shave 15 minutes from his time to qualify. When I heard Boston, my thoughts immediately turned to Alec as I wondered instantly how he was doing.

    1. My poor Alec...He still drags his mattress in our bedroom when he get scared. He vows he will never Go back to Boston. When I think of Boston I think of Victory. I love what that city did to overcome the devastation of the bombing. I think of so many that overcame. It gives me chills.

  2. I would love to see Alec go back to Boston...someday! With God all things are possible!

  3. Great blog Anita, one I can identify with, but can't put thoughts into writing as well as you. Carry on running - and 'neglect not the gift that is in you'.

    1. HEY!! Thank YOU! I really appreciate the feedback. I love hearing from other runners.