"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Finger up my Nose!

Beautiful Mum from Deb! Feeling LOVED!

We never Facetime. Andy was out of town last night and Face timed Alec. I thought it was so cool so I looked into the screen. As I looked at Andy he just had this big grin on his face. So I started making funny faces at him to make him laugh. I never take myself too serious. So then I stuck my finger up my nose to get him to laugh! Well the laugh was on ME.
Even though Andy never showed any expression, he was devising a plan against me. I had NO idea he took a SCREEN SHOT of me with my finger up my nose! He then preceded to POST IT ON FACEBOOK. I had NO idea. It was 9 o'clock at night,  I was getting the boys off the bed. He then called me to confess AFTER the picture got 2 instant comments from Kirstin H and our Pastor! "She is going to kill you.." He realized he had better take it off.

He sent me the pic. I WAS SO MAD. But then I had to laugh. It is the worst picture in the world but it is pretty funny. Hope you enjoy the laugh! You cant take yourself too serious.

Running with Danielle:

Danielle, my running partner got a new puppy. She invited me over to meet "Tanner" her new furry addition and run at her house. I paced myself all week to have a good run with her today. I quickly discovered it was a GOOD thing. I forgot she lives in the middle of continuous hills. Everywhere HILLS. Rolling, descending, ascending, long, short, a ridiculous amount of HILLS. We were at mile 6 and a car was coming towards us. Danielle could tell I was struggling. She cheered me on saying "That's it, look up to the mailbox." I saw the car and thought "UGH, That's it, run under the bumper of that car!"
It says Heavens Dr. But my body felt like it was in H@$$!
Danielle didn't know I stopped and snapped this pic, I almost died trying to catch back up to her!

Due to my injury, I should not run fast or hills. Because I have been doing this type of easy training for weeks my body gets fatigued so much faster.
I never asked what our pace was or what mile we were at. When we finished Danielle said "Do you want to know how good you did?" I was scared to say yes. My body hated me and my mind was playing tricks on me. Shyly I said yes,  "Our average pace was 8:30!" Danielle said with a big smile.
"What!! no way!" I exclaimed. She continued with the praise adding "..we finished our last 4 miles with a negative split, each mile getting faster, finishing at a little over a 7 minute pace."  I felt so much better knowing why my body felt like it had been pulverized by the local football team.

Hebrews Runner:
This afternoon was my first class I taught for the Homeschool team. It was awesome. I had the best time with the students. I am so excited to go back in 2 weeks. I am teaching them running along with scripture on endurance, courage, nutrition and Running the Race with Christ.
This weeks Scripture is Luke 2:52.

A Case Of Elijah.
I had an epic day today. Everything was spot on. I got over the finger up my nose thing, I had a great run with Danielle, I loved my Class, I even came home to my sister in law, Deb in my driveway with a beautiful gift for me.
Seriously a great day. But then there was some drama. I am not going to get into it. I will just say it stole my thunder. It sucked the Joy out of me without hesitation. I was so hurt by the offensive dialogue. So much that I found myself crying under the Juniper tree like Elijah in 1st Kings chapter 19. I had victory after victory today and yet that quick Satan weaseled in and put me in the shadow of discouragement.

It took a couple hours to come out of it. It helped me to remember a couple things:
  1. You don't have to go to every argument that you are invited to.
  2. Depart from Evil and do Good.
  3. People can think whatever they like. They do not define you, Christ does.
  4. Some people like to live in the land of OFFENSE. They like to be mad, they like to look for reasons to get mad. I hate being mad. I hate being mad at people. I don't like confrontation. I don't like for people to be mad at me especially when you have done nothing intentionally wrong. Its like "I am mad at you, you are wearing pink, I hate that color..." Seriously? Get over it!
  5. You Can't let garbage rent space in your head, It will stink you up and make a stinking mess all around you for others to have to deal with also!
And onward we go! Focusing my Eyes back on Jesus. Getting out of the Juniper Tree and Thanking the Good Lord for all the blessings he gave me today!

And remember if you need a laugh..I have a great picture up top!


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