"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Brooks Transcend Review

The girls were running 8 miles. With the sun shining I really wanted to run the full 8 miles with them. You have to let logic trump emotion.
With me running back to back, I knew that I needed to run short and easy to better enjoy my 8 miles with Danielle tomorrow.
Running Intentional.
Most of the time us runners have a plan but follow a lot of our runs up with "I felt pretty good..." or "I just wasn't feeling it today."
In order for me to continue to heal and stay healthy EVERY run has to be intentional. I can't go by feeling "Good". Feeling Good can be my demise.
I would love to get out there and run on the track. I miss that feeling of rubber legs. I always feel so accomplished dry heaving in the bushes. And all the controversy about Motrin...Well I wish I was sore enough to use it!

Every Run is a Blessing. We ran a 4 mile loop, dropping me back off at the school parking lot. It was a bit slower than my normal slow but it was 4 miles! It was fun being with the gals on such a beautiful day doing my favorite thing.

New SHOES REVIEW: Brooks Transcend
I have been running in Mizuno Sayonara for the last year and a half. I love the light weight shoe that leaves me blisterless.  I just wish the shoes didn't fall apart so easy. The fabric breaks down very fast.
I believed my injury required a different shoe. A shoe with more cushion. I have a small pronation that I think needs to be addressed as well.
Without me telling the shoe guy about my pronation he saw it himself.
The Transcend is the most expensive pair of shoes I have ever bought. I will buy my work shoes off the clearance rack at DSW but didn't think twice about my 170$ running shoes.
Until I got in the car. Then I thought, "Andy is going to KILL me!"

I ran 16 miles on them 3 days after I bought them. I was concerned I was going to get blisters. One of the reasons we get blisters is from poor socks. I had tried the shoe out on the first day and could feel a blister on my outer toe. I had a thicker sock on with a heavy seam. Knowing this I wore my compression socks for my long run with great results.
The shoe is a little heavier. I found that I had a lighter feel with a sturdier shoe. The cushion in the shoe was great for the back roads that we ran on. I normally feel the stones and pebbles. I didn't notice any of the loose gravel on my run. The Transcend is more shoe for sure, only it didn't feel bulky or heavy. I was aware of the mechanics for my pronating on a comfortable level. It actually gave me a little more security when making turns or hitting sudden elevation or potholes.
So far I have over 24 miles in them and I am HAPPY.."Run Happy"

Finishing this up with a little Running and Life: Remembering that Strong Emotion has Potential to trump Logic.

Being injured produces some STRONG EMOTIONS. Feelings that can persuade a training run into the hurt locker.
Life can produce emotions double time. When we let our emotions steer our ship we are going to SINK.
Get Your feeling in CHECK!
Don't let your feelings become your reality.
Life presents a lot of reasons to behave badly. Quit making your Reasons an Excuse for your Actions or Inaction.
Andy and I got into a good debate today. He said that Perception is 90% Reality. I disagreed until I realized he was right on it being YOUR reality. The way you perceive things is different than the way I perceive things. There are many factors that go into how we individually perceive things.
This is why the bible says "The heart if deceptive above all things..." Jeremiah 17:9.

When your emotions are in check you are more capable of a healthier perception with circumstances and situations.

Austin ran 19:25 at his XC meet today. Proud mama.

What do you think about Andy's idea on Perception??


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