"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Thursday, July 10, 2014

My Safe Place

I double booked my appointments today. Not like that is a  shocker.
I made a massage appointment and a PT appointment both at 1pm.

My massage was able to be moved back, therefore everything worked out. I am not getting the kind of massage you drool over. They are mainly focusing on my IT band and legs. It is actually quite painful.

My Physical Therapy with Clint Verran today went well. Like last week Clint asked me how I was doing. My response remained the same, "UGH".

His office was rather quiet. Clint likes to talk in groups. Laying down on the table Clint talks to me and whoever else is in the clinic. It is very entertaining. I learn a lot about running and injuries. Getting PT with Clint is great for not only recovery but also for training because he is such an elite and full of info. He works as a coach for me in many ways. Don't tell him though because that is extra!

While I was getting my It band raked with Clint's elbow a guy walks in. He was a younger man with dark hair. I was watching him stare at "Clints wall". This is a wall in the waiting room with a large poster of Clint running the Boston marathon. He came in 10th place that year! He has some other accolades as well as several dozen medals.

After a few minutes Clint invited this man over to us. Clint asked if I was "Ok" about talking about my case. I am a open book. Anxious to hear what was going to be said, I quickly responded, "Yes, that's fine."

Hungry for Coaching;

THE GUYS Background: Marines. Training for Special Forces, does a lot of lifting and weight training, runs a 5k every other day at a 6 minute pace.
The Guys Compliant: He was describing IT band symptoms.
I listened intently to the dialogue between Clint and THE GUY. He asked questions like:
  1. Should I run Faster?
  2. Should I lift more? Doing more Squats?
  3. I get pain when I do step ups, should I not do those anymore?
  4. I have to run a certain time for my training, what if I can't do it?
  5. How do I get that time for the distance I have to achieve?
  6. What if I have a flare up for my test and can not accomplish the time I am supposed to get?
  7. What does that Roller do?
  8. How do I get faster?
As I listened to all his questions I began to figure out his purpose. This guy didn't need a Physical Therapist, He WANTED a COACH.
He was in the marines. He was used to someone telling him what to do and how to do it. And he got the results he needed. This Guy wanted someone to do the same for him with RUNNING. He was a gifted runner. But he knew nothing about running expect to lace up his shoes and GO! Knowing what he knew worked well for him all this time until the passion for running exceeded the discipline of running. He no longer wanted to just RUN. He wanted to have purpose running. Before Running served a purpose, now running was the purpose.
He was hungry to know more to learn more and to try more.
Clint would listen to his questions that came right out of Running 101. Clint very gently answered his questions or had me answer them. I loved all his questions. His interest to learn more ignited my passion to run. But also to coach, to encourage.

  1. Check YOUR shoes: You will never enjoy running if you end up broken. Go to a PROFESSIONAL RUNNING STORE for your first pair of shoes and get fitted properly.
  2. CHANGE it UP: Go to the track and do repeats, run through your neighborhood and do fartleks, find a running partner and meet once a week to run, lengthen your distance, speed up your pace
  3. Stretching and icing is NOT cliche': Add them to your runs
  4. Minutes NOT Miles; NEW RUNNERS, don't think on terms of miles think on terms of minutes when first starting out.
  5. Subscribe to Runners World or purchase some running books to give you some encouragement, inspiration and training tips.

I have been running for about 12 years now. I read a lot, I listen a lot, I watch videos and even after 12 years of running I am still eager to learn. I love being a coach but I also LOVE being Coached.

HERE's What I learned TODAY.
Next week I am going to be Clint's guinea pig for a new procedure! Check it out here:
The Plunger

BIKEDOWN:15 miles.
I thought my day was going well. I was biking through town on my way to the state park.  When I arrived in the haven of the park something happened. Tears came streaming down my face. I have so many burdens right now that are really pulling on my heart strings. I have pressures that I have been trying to resolve with a good attitude. I have demons that haunt me every so often. And Ariel, I just lost all reservations that I didn't know I had.  
Being outside in the middle of Gods country is my Safe Place. I can be at the feet of God. The Bible says "Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that I am LORD."  The farther away from this world I get the more I am brought to my knees in HIS creation. I Feel HIM, I See HIM, I Hear HIM. In my safe place, my place of refuge deep in the woods hidden from human life I am broken. I am free to relieve my innermost feelings. As my heart mumbles He interprets and comforts me. As my prayers are murmured I am comforted by his presence not just around me but within me. The deeper I go them more clear he I can hear him and feel him.




  1. "But he knew nothing about running expect to lace up his shoes and GO!"

    Wow... sounds exactly like me!

    That video is amazing crazy! I can't wait to hear about how you felt about it! Carri~A Running bee

    1. Thanks Carri, It should be funny if Anything!