"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Mood Enhancer

Not everyday do I way up and say "Ya Hoo, this is going to be a great day!" Today, was a rough one. I was having difficulty sleeping throughout the night, making my 6am wake up more tiresome.
My body was aching, my mind was grumbling and I was struggling to find a happy place.

The weather was not much of a motivator for me with its gray sky and rain. Everything, including myself felt washed up and drab.
I know I am struggling when I can't even get a full cup of coffee down.

Putting one foot in front of another,  I went through my Thursday routine. No Danielle, no running and with the rain, no biking. I felt off balance.

Trying desperately to keep some momentum going, I put some music in my ears and began washing floors.

Time went by until it was time to go to Maw Maw Smiths house to clean. I was still dragging at a turtles pace.
I have been taking my thyroid medicine very routinely, however, I believe my tired day is still a result of my thyroid condition.

I had to get to the gym. I needed to go no matter how cruddy I felt. After cleaning I headed to the gym.

You have 2 ways of thinking:
  1. You can cave into the feeling of being defeated and throw the towel in.
  2. You can convince yourself there is NO other Option but to do what has to be done.
I chose to convince myself to SUCK IT UP and get going. As you are trying to convince yourself that "2" is the better option you have to SEE yourself doing it. You have to visualize yourself acting it through.

My Gym Workout:
  • Roll and stretch-10 minutes
  • Elliptical thingy-10 minutes
  • Roll and stretch-5 minutes
  • Balancing leg exercises-10 minutes
  • A different Elliptical thingy-25 minutes 
  • Abs-5 minutes
  • Treadmill-1 mile-8:36
  • ICE/Cold Plunge-15 minutes
MOOD Enhancer: Obviously it would be great to be able to run. There is NO other exercise that comes close to running for me. So I flirt around on these other machines in hopes that I will get a good sweat on. I am thirsty for sweat, I am eager to be out of breath and I am chasing that burn that says "you have arrived at your Happy Place".
The more sweat accumulated, the more I was feeling my frown turning upside down. It was like the sweat was carrying my bad attitude, my exhaustion, my sadness and all the other funk I was riddled with.
Today, was a reminder the importance of releasing Serotonin. Many people are depressed and have days strung together with sadness. Seratonin is a chemical that is released with exercise. This chemical when released helps enhance your mood. (click the link to read more)

Yesterdays 11 mile bike ride.
BACKTRACK: Yesterday, I saw Clint V for physical Therapy. Holy knotty ITBand. His assistant tried to massage them out only in the process finding more. She then game me a treatment, it is like shock therapy. It uses sound waves to try to break up the knots.
I told Clint I will grit it out, I just wanted to RUN. It wasn't long after that he was taking his elbow and raking it down my ITBand, like a meat tenderizer. I have some beautiful bruises to show the seriousness of me just wanting to run from that treatment.
I got out my favorite running bible: The Runners World BIG Book of Marathon and Half Marathon TRAINING to read up Again on ITBand Friction. There was actually blurb that Clint Verran shares on this!

For right now I am not able to run at the speed or the distance that I would like. I try to Focus on my Abilities rather than my Limitations. This really helps me stay positive and gives me not only hope but also gratitude in my brokenness.
Looks Innocent enough...Until I saw a branch  a couple feet away stick
its TONGUE out at me! It was a big old black snake. I can not imagine IT was more afraid than I was!
Anyone out there struggling with ITBand issues?? I would love to hear some encouragement!


  1. i missed u yesterday too:-( wanted to text u & go for a bike ride until i realized it was raining. great job going to the gym though- the hardest part is getting there i always think. the workout is the easy part lol! hang in there - this will all pass and you will b running again soon. hugs and prayers!

    1. Danielle, I think I forgot how busy the summers get. Even looking at this it is crazy you wrote this almost a week ago. In my head it was like 2 days ago! We will be together again soon!