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Monday, May 5, 2014

Did Anita WIN at the Boston Marathon??? & Other questions!

Todays Run...UGH..Poor dead deer.  The smell of horrific. Deer carcasses  everywhere.
My boys are RUNNING all week long, track and cross country. During the weekends we are doing BASKETBALL.
Both of the boys are in 2 sports right now. There is not a night that is vacant for us to just chill.
I am not the only one who is forgetting things anymore. Andy has had a few cases of the "Where are my...?"
The month of May is going to be a hot mess. The best girlfriend my boys can have is the sport they are playing.

I am the most focused when I run. Even running I have been known to get lost or give a random stranger the wrong directions, however, it still feels like it is controlled. Running is the only thing that feels controlled!

With spring underway I have noticed a lot more running going on!
I have seen a few questions people have posted on Facebook.

I thought I would share some of those questions and do my best to answer them. If you have a good answer PLEASE share your thoughts too!

  1. What is the best way to transition from the treadmill to the road?  I have been told to drop down your mileage. This allows your body to adapt to the harder surface that can beat you up. Expect that you will be running a slower pace. Do this for about 2 weeks, then begin to increase your miles slowly.
  2. DID YOU WIN? What place did you come in at the Boston Marathon? I came in at 9580 out of over 34,000 runners. I was a winner in my families eyes, my speed was not even in the shadows of Meb! He was back to his hotel, shi**, showered and shaved!
  3. Should I stretch before or after a run? This is more individual. Some like my husband stretch before. This is out of necessity. He has tightness that has to be rolled and stretched for him to stay more flexible and loose. If you do decide to stretch, it is best to wait until after your run. Most experts will say that stretching cold muscles is harmful, and can cause muscle strains or tears. It’s better to stretch after your muscles have had a chance to warm up.
  4. How long is a MARATHON? Always 26.2 miles. ALWAYS, ALL THE TIME AND FOREVER!
  5. What if you have to pee or poop while you are racing? I personally pee my pants! No way I am stopping. Pooping..Never had this problem. They have plenty of port-a- johns. Just be prepared. Those are usually used for THAT purpose. Those runners are in a hurry and it usually isn't so pretty!
Distance: 7.75
Distance: first 3 @ 14 minute pace, Run with Roadrunners on the trails. LAST 5, I ran with Jama @ at 7:51 pace. That girl was in Beast Mode.
Cross Country team: 2 easy miles

The only reason I would take up jogging is so that I could hear heavy breathing again!
- Erma Bombeck

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