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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

5 EASY Tips to Remember when RUNNING

I remember things with association. This is probably why I really like mantra. These are quick, simple and easy fragments of words that encourage, inspire and motivate me.

I have 5 Fun Tips that are Easy to Remember for Running:

Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation
(Andy asked when I was going to take some time off running for my knee. I responded, "I took 3 days off, and I have cut my miles down.."  He rolled his eyes. Resting is hard to do. Even harder when the sun comes out and mother nature is all so tempting. I have cut my miles back and ice very regularly.)

Danielle gave me this, she is an occupational therapist:
 3 "P's" for Patients
 Patience - healing takes time and we all heal at different speeds. Perseverance - keep trying , what was hard yesterday can be easier today. Prayers.
(I fell in love with this. Probably because I struggle with this. I am NOT patient. I want things yesterday. Perseverance, I am good at to a default. I will persevere myself into the hurt locker. And prayers, I feel like I am constantly needy, forever asking for prayers.)

My sister in law ran XCountry and track back in highschool. She still runs. Leeanne gave me this mantra from her coach. She Still remembers this from over 20 years ago:
The 5 P's of Running:
"Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance"
(Running, especially racing takes more than your legs to be successful. It takes planning and strategy. I always tell the kids I coach before a meet to take time before the race to organize your plan. I  run the course with them before the meet. At this time I coach them to take the time to know the course and plan their strategy to race it. When we create a plan we go into it with less anxiety and more success. Jeff, taught me something that I now teach my runners about planning before a race: Make 3 goals. 1. This is the best case scenario, this would be a dream come true. 2. A good goal that you would be happy with. 3. A goal that you would settle for.)

The 3 C's of Running:
Commitment, Consistency and Common Sense
(Commitment and Consistency are close relatives while Common Sense is of no relation. We do not all run with Common Sense. You may be a smarty pants runner, I wish I was. I have done a lot of dumb things on the run, before the run and after the run!)

The 3 R's of Running:
Recovery, Rest and Recharge
( We started out with RICE. This begins with REST. Rest is an important part of the process.
These 3 tips are all circled around rest.
In reality, a couple of weeks of rest will not have any long-term, irreversible effects. As a matter of fact, slowing down or stopping for a while will actually be good for your body and will most likely assist in preventing an injury. It allow your muscles and small tears time to recover.  Cross-training is a great alternative for active rest if your going stir crazy.
Rest means repair—give your muscles a chance to heal, grow and recover. Spend your rest phase planning out a new training schedule. Peruse the race calendars. Think about how excited and motivated you’ll be to get back out there!)

Distance: 7 miles
I ran 5.5 miles with Mary Ann and Jama. I am green with envy for the both of them. They are running Bayshore this weekend.
I also ran an easy 1 mile and 1/2 mile with the Xcountry  kids.

Any Running Tips you want to share?? I would love a few more!


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