"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Consistency. Mother Nature hates me.

It is like clockwork. It is Sunday, I wake up, I look outside and I want to start crying.
I am about to snap. Mother Nature is beating the snot out of my training. This is a cruel game that I feel like I am losing.
If we are not getting blasted with ridiculous amounts of snow then we are suckered punched with sub zero temps.


I pouted as we headed to church. I felt very ungodly as I whined and complained about the weather all morning.

AND yet I get to church to listen to a sermon on STAYING FOCUSED!
Seriously. It was speaking right to me. I know many of you are thinking "Really, a Sermon for you about your RUNINNG..."

OK fine. The sermon was about staying focused in your walk with Christ. And I believe the A.D.D in me needed to hear that message. I am so easily distracted that I admit I took notes. It was a great sermon to remind me to continue to persevere and stay consistent.

I also know that my running needed the application as well.

I was feeling very discouraged this morning. Discouragement leads to depression. Depression leads to isolation. Isolation leads to a dead end. Period.
God refueled my empty tank this morning.

I turned the frown upside down and headed to the gym.
20 miles on the TREADMILL. My all time record.
Austin secretly took a pic of me running! He actually walked in front of me like 5 times he said and I never saw him!

Just one mile at a time. Sometimes I tried to make it to the next commercial break. There were times I would look at the clock 10 times and only 5 minutes had passed. I thought I would never get to 5 miles let alone 20. People came and went on the treadmills. I got several looks from people that illustrated "you are still here?!"
It was not easy. I pray I do not have to run on the treadmill that long again for the rest of the year.

On a GOOD note, here are the things that made me thankful for being able to run on the Dreadmill:
  1. Thankful I didn't have to wear all those layers. More aerodynamic with less layers!
  2. All layers means another load of Laundry! 20 miles outside is SMELLY.
  3. Thankful I didn't have to locate a route with all the snow not cleared.
  4. Thankful I maintained a good pace as opposed to running all cut up outside.
  5. Thankful for the Stretching bars, cold plunge, sauna and hot showers after my run.
Distance: 20 miles
Pace: 8:46
Time 2H:55min

It is important to stay FOCUSED. You do not have to be A.D.D. to be easily distracted. It is like the DOG that sees the Squirrel. "Squirrel!!" and he is off and running. Often times we are easily distracted simply because we are NOT focused on the task or the goal. We look for a rabbit hole to duck into and then justify WHY we did not follow through.

Stay Focused and find Gratitude to change your Attitude!

Where You on TASK today?
Where did you LOOSE your focus??

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  1. Great job! It is so hard. I think there should be some sort of club for us doing 20 milers on the treadmill. I'm not sure which is worse anymore, the cold or the monotony. It will be worth it!

    1. I Like the club Idea. The Long Run Group!

  2. I'm back from science camp and I survived! Wow 20 on a treadmill, that is amazing!! I totally ate pavement today on my run. I have some serious road rash, but still managed to keep running! Carri~A Running bee

    1. Oh My goodness Carrie, I am sorry you fell. I glad you didn't pass out though!

  3. That's awesome!!!!! Good job staying with it!!!

    1. Thank You Rebecca JO! It was tough.

  4. Replies
    1. I Miss you Danielle, I miss our Thursdays together. I am tired of this snow stealing my running partner!!