"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Boston Marathon Official Jacket!

We are one. We are strong. We are Boston. We are Boston strong," the announcer said to an eruption of cheers
I often think that God put me together and left my brain out. I think of that verse that says "You are fearfully and wonderfully made." I find myself laughing hysterically when I recite that.
Because I don't feel so wonderful, most of the time I feel like the biggest airhead. I am constantly mad at myself and getting down on myself for bonehead moves that happen on a daily basis.
In 1 week:
  1. Forgot my blow dryer at home (I am a hair stylist and it is my main tool.)
  2. Misplaced my keys 1/2 dozen times.
  3. Misplaced my purse another 1/2 dozen times. I actually left it in my husbands truck on Monday and went to work without it.
  4. Stinking can't run and count..every time I run! All those numbers!!
  5. And today was the topper of my week..Topper of my MONTH.....

So today was "NEW SHOE DAY"! I headed up to "Baumans" in Flint to get my new shoes. I have been debating on trying a new shoe. I decided to stick with the rule of thumb "If it is not broke DON'T fix it."  I purchased my Mizuno Sayonaras  in the diva princess pink. That is all they had for color.
In the process, the clerk asked me if I had signed up for the "BOSTON BUS".  My heart plummeted to the floor. I quickly searched my mind frantically trying to find that little memory of  affirmation. I think I threw up in my mouth as he added "Yeah, it is filled." I desperately fished deeper trying to locate even a thought of  that memory- knowing  it was NOT there!
I wanted to reach around myself and beat the lights on in my brain. I swear I was born with mixed wiring.
He put me on a waiting list 8 people deep.
I have resigned to the fact that I am going to have to put my big girl pants on and figure the whole thing out.

As I was paying, However; I did notice the Official BOSTON MARATHON jacket on the rack.
 "Hey, you have rode the bus before, we are offering 20% off the jackets for participants who are riding the bus, if you want it I will give you the discount." The sales clerk says without taking a breath.
There was only 1 size small.

Well I purchased the jacket. I can't say I felt a whole lot better even with the discount.  It was another 90$ I wasn't planning on spending but it was a good deal. And the more I look at it the more I am getting over the bus and happy I bought the jacket.
The official jacket is a MUST purchase. When you go to Boston you will see everyone wearing their jackets. Marathoners wear their jackets for the year that they ran. The town is painted in Boston Jackets from every year.
NOTE: Runners are very superstitious. And this RUNNER WILL NOT WEAR HER JACKET UNTIL SHE HAS RAN IT!
I never wear running shirts until I have ran the race. I just don't feel like I have earned it. It gives me something to look forward to. Andy will be waiting at the Family Area with my Jacket in hand for me when I finish!

"Our culture tends to label everybody and everything either a success or a failure, a winner or a loser. I often wonder how the one winner and 58,000 losers in the Boston Marathon feel about that I can't imagine even one of those runners thinking of himself as a loser. I believe that for every one of them, to run the race well is to succeed."
Robert White)

Distance: 7 miles on TM @7:42 pace 3.5 miles on Track at a 9 min pace
**I ran on tired legs. I was trying to maintain a sub 8 minute pace. Jeff popped his head over the treadmill to check out my digits. He was running on the track so I told him I would join him for a few miles. It was only supposed to be 3 miles...BUT I LOST TRACK!!

WHAT Do You think of the Jacket? It is called the Celebration Jacket!


  1. Nice jacket!!!! But ummm why is it orange? I thought Boston's race colors were blue and yellow...?

    1. I KNOW, RIGHT!! I am not going to say it is my favorite in the color dept. But they call it the Celebration jacket so it is a bit different them the others!
      It is officially called Solar Zest!

  2. Its worth the money... its AWESOME!!!!!
    I'm the same way - I won't wear a shirt until after the race. I see people wearing shirts FOR the race IN the race & I'm like "What are you thinking?" :)