"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Monday, March 31, 2014

The Loss of anothers Dream. Boston

Over the course of the last few weeks, I have been deeply burdened for a few friends of mine. A lot of my running friends have been battling injuries.
  1. Jama: is training for Bayshore and has been struggling with her It band. Just as Jama gets back in the saddle again she twists her ankle on the edge of the pavement. Then to add one more injury, her grandpa just passed away.
    Jama is in all black on the right.
  2. Heidi: is training for Bayshore as well. She is a tough cookie. Heidi not only was ahead of schedule in her training she is also a Personal Trainer and teaches several classes. She has not been able to run for over 2 weeks due to shin splints.

Heidi is in the middle.

3. Then there is Jeff. I am broken hearted over poor Jeff. Today Jeff called me as said "Nita, I am not going to make it." I honestly pretended I had no idea what he was talking about. Denial is NOT a river in Egypt. Jeff has been dealing with Plantar fasciitis since last summer. Just as he begins to see his training improve he tears his abdomen muscles. Over the course of 3 weeks he has had one injury or another. However, He was able to run a 16 mile run last week and felt great. The very next day he felt a shooting pain in his foot and it was over from that point.
Jeff has waited his whole life to run Boston. He has qualified several times in his early years. The stars were just not aligned for him to go for one reason or another. Now, he is in his 60's and this was a dream come true.
Jeff is in the center in a white sweatshirt. He was our captain for our Crim group
I have ran repeats and long runs this winter with Jeff. I have prayed for healing and faith for Jeff. I have never wanted someone's dreams to come true as much as they have like Jeff.  I could see the passion and the pain in his eyes when we would train together. He is an incredible coach and mentor. I am so brokenhearted for him. He has trained for this race harder than most 20 year olds. He has trained committed and disciplined to his program. One day we were running and he was so down on himself. I tried to encourage him. "Jeff, you are not in your 20.s any more. You are having to work TWICE as hard for results that are not equal to the work you are putting in." He laughed and said "Anita, you said it exactly right, I couldn't say it any better." I was trying to show him that he is an incredible runner for his age. But if he was not careful he would end up discouraged trying to chase the "Once was".  He needed to see himself as a great runner in the season of life he is presently in. Because I see that runner, I am just devastated for his loss.
It is funny how we can want something so bad for someone else that is is like our own loss. As if I have lost my dreams. My Dream for him to accomplish his Dream is now my loss too.

Before I got off the phone I begged him to not give up yet. I told him I was going to fervently Pray for him. I asked him to give it a week. I asked him to not cancel his room yet. He agreed.
Please remember Jeff in your Prayers.

8 Miles total.
4 miles of hills with running group. I really love this running group.

I pray for all my running friends. I am broken for Jeff.  Do you ever feel so burdened for someone elses' loss, you almost feel like it is yours? How do you pray?



  1. I'm so sorry Anita! I sort of know what you mean. A friend of mine just pulled out of the Carmel, IN marathon, and my ankle is killing me, but I will press on and make it to Boston!!! I have to! I'm not giving up!!!!! I won't! I will pray for Jeff and for you! I made it through al my 20 milers, and just need to be careful with it.

    1. Melissa, I just feel so bad. Your Ankle? What happened to it? Thank you for the prayers. Glad you are done with the long runs. It has been a season to train for Boston. I too will keep you in prayers.

  2. I totally have felt others disappointments as strongly as my own.
    I think when it comes to running as well, we know all that goes into it so we know how heartbreakingly bad it can feel when you can't make it to the end goal.
    I will most definitely pray for your friend Jeff... & we'll just have to cling to knowing God has a plan & a will & if its not to have Jeff run, then He has something else in store for him...