"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thursday Training Tip: Pacing off Others.

FulPacing Off others.
Today I was a little concerned that I was P*$$ing off the guy in front of me as I secretly Paced Off him!
When I stepped on the track I really wanted someone to run with. I like running with others when I am on the track so I do NOT have to keep track of my pace. I let them do all the work!
I saw this guy about 200m in front of me. He looked like a good target and a good target pace that I could possibly maintain.
As I counted my laps the gap between us slowly began to close. He was running in the middle lane where I was running in the outer lane. This meant that I was running longer and a hair faster then him. Within a couple miles I found myself running ear distance from him. Most likely he could hear my breathing or my shoes turning over on the track. He never looked back or altered his pace.
My goal was not to out run him. I had no intentions of pounding my chest and letting an ego get in the way of my run. I just wanted a running partner.
After 15 laps he slowed down enough that I had to continue onward. I took my music out of my ears as I came back to him walking. Smiling at him I quickly yelled "Hey, Thanks, Great Pace." He looked up at me as I passed and replied out of breath "Thank you."
I was bummed out that I lost my secret running partner. Now I had to work. I looked at the overhead clock and started to keep track of my pace.

 "The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches
but to reveal to him his own."
 - Benjamin Disraeli

On my final lap around the track I saw this older gentleman kicking it up. Keeping my eyes fixed on the back of his shirt I tailed him in that last lap around the track. My lungs were burning as I gasped for air. He stopped right in front of me almost at the same time I stopped. He turned around and yelled something. I took my music out while he repeated himself. "WOW, YOU didn't  LOOK like you were going that FAST!!" I laughed and answered "I was trying to keep up WITH YOU!!"
This older man waited for me to walk up to him as he too desperately tried to catch his breath. With his hands over his head he says  "I saw you coming and wanted to try to keep up with you only you were going faster than I realized."
We chatted about how it is nice to pace off others. It helps you to get motivated to push yourself.

As I walked off the track I found it so circular how I paced off this man earlier for almost 4 miles and  here this man used me to pace off of as well.

Tips on Pacing off others:
  1. Run your own Race: Be careful not to get too competitive and end up injured.
  2. Have a Plan BEFORE you pace off others and stick close to it.  
  3. If someone helped you run better, stronger, or faster take a minute and let them know. Most likely they knew you were pacing off them anyhow. You could end up with a new running partner!
  4. When pacing off others try and concentrate on your form. If you see them slouching remind yourself to run strong and upright. By watching others' form you can hold your running form accountable.  
  5. Try not to be a nuisance. If you think you are annoying the person in front of you then be courteous and back off a few feet. No one wants to hear heavy breathing in their ears unless it is their own. And most of us don't like to even hear our own breathing!

Full Circle:
Pacing off others outside of running is equally as important. Unless you have "Arrived" most of us are always striving to be a better person.
I have my eyes on several people that I Pace Off:
  1. With Finances: My Girlfirend Lisa. She did the Dave Ramsey course and I really respect how well she and her husband manage their money.
  2.  Godly Woman: My Girlfriend Kimberly P.  She  is soft spoken and yet a sweet firecracker. She lives life with honesty. She is not afraid to proclaim Christ and lives to honor HIM in ALL she says and does. This takes great courage in todays world. She is not Wishy Washy in her walk. I have watched her grow so much the last few years. I love pacing off her.
  3.  Encourager and Motivator: My running friend "Heidi" She has a smile that never leaves her face. She is transparent as a person even in her struggles she finds joy. She is always cheering someone on.
  4. Hard worker and disciplined: Danielle, my running partner. She is like clock work when it comes to getting up every morning and doing her work out routine. She works hard at all she does and maintains a very good attitude. Danielle balances me when I get to excited about issues.
  5. Support and Love. Hands down Andy's mom and dad. They actually are so supportive and loving it is almost to a fault. I am reminded daily how much they support not just Andy and I but many others. They give love unconditionally. They would rather show you love and get hurt by the choices they don't agree with then not give love and feel like they shut the door on you. They are trying to work on this. They are just the most loving people I know.
There are many many others that I Pace Off of in Life. People that do not know that I am watching them and taking notes.
  • Sometimes we have to back off when we can see that we are no longer running with the same agenda.
  •  Sometimes they are moving at hyperspeeds that we are just capable of.
  • Sometimes they are moving slower that we thought and we have to move pass them.
Overall we have to keep in mind they we need to RUN our OWN RACE. God set others around us to build and grow from. To edify and encourage one another along the way.

Remember too that most likely some one is Pacing Off of YOU.  Be the best You "you" can be.

Distance: 8 miles
Time: 1:03:38
Pace: 7:57

WHO do You Pace off OF???



  1. That is awesome that you have so many people around you that run. I have 1 running friend that I run with once a week, and we talk the whole time so I am pretty sure we are not pushing each other. Besides running with Junior High girls for Cross Country I run alone and have to keep myself motivated. I keep my runkeeper on to tell me every 10 minutes what my pace is so at least I have an idea. I run pretty slow so I'm not breaking any records there! LOL! Carri~A Running bee

    1. I am pretty blessed. I am very thankful for all my running partners. For years the best and most accurate running partner that I had was my NIKE+.
      I loved when I would hear Tiger Woods voice in my ears telling me "That was your fastest mile." or "Your longest run." It was a voice. It was very encouraging to me.
      Some of the records that we BREAK are the barriers we have in our mind. I think you are too hard on yourself Carri!
      Cut yourself some slack. You did just come off a injury as well.
      Keep it up sister!