"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Contact Buzz of Excitement

Back at the gym with the BOYS! As I walked into Genisys Athletic Club I said to Austin "UGH, these snow days are eating all my free passes up." I winked at him as I swiped my card.
Janice was working the front desk and returned the wink and waved us through.

I feel like such a queen when I go the club. My little ragamuffin self feels out of place when walking in to the very nice athletic club.
There still was NO heat on the track. The belts were turning on the treadmills though.
We are such creatures of habit I thought as I head to the TM that I always go to.

Without a plan I start punching in numbers. The more the wheels spin under my feet the more I can hear them spinning in my head with a plan;
"800M Repeats." I tapped the number 7.0 and watched to see what my warm up pace would be.
"8:30 is a good pace in between repeats, I think I can do that for 400M" I coached myself.
My calf was hurting on Monday so I didn't want to go crazy.
As my lap warming up was coming to a close I decided to go up to 8.0 on my repeats and see how that felt for the first couple.

Between the music jamming in my ears and the sweaty guy on the elliptical looking back at me I felt motivated to kick it up a notch.
He was red faced and huffing. I can not say I looked much different. "Hurts So Good" I thought to myself. I actually loved the pain in my legs. The side stitch was my medal of honor.
"Go faster Nita." I told myself as I was running a sub 7 minute mile. I could feel my face piping hot. The young guy looked back at me out of breath himself. I looked right at him smiling. I wanted him to read my painful cherry red faced smile "It hurts..Keep Going, I know your pain, It is Good!"

As the treadmill stopped my legs wanted more. I decided to walk to the track about 25 feet away for a mile cool down. WOW! It was chilly. It felt like I was running outside. It didn't take long for my red cheeks to pale out.
I checked on the boys and took them to the pool. I do NOT like being wet unless it is 90 degrees out. I HATE being cold. So I went back to the gym to stretch, do arms, abs and hit the cold plunge. It makes NO SENSE to hit the cold plunge when I hate being cold. I KNOW! But it is part of the addiction of running. Making sense from senselessness is only found in the mid of an addict!

Distance: 7 miles total
6miles @ 47:35 1 mile c/d
30 min: Rolled, stretched, abs & arms
12 min Cold Plunge

I have been getting messages about getting started again. I get really excited to see people out there running. "Javon" and I had a long conversation about his spring half marathon plan. It is like a contact buzz reading his excitement. I get all jittery hearing words like "commitment, hard work and he even called me his Hero...He was surely pumping sunshine my way.
Javon, Me..with my eyes closed! and Joan } I just love these two!



  1. What an amazing run! Great that you used the other guy as motivation! Carri~A Running bee

  2. Your eyes may be closed, but the joy is still shining through them :)