"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Spring Marathon training STINKS! BAHH!

Spring Marathon training in Michigan is a bunch of CRAP. Yup, I said it and I will say it again. Crap, Crap, a toilet full of great big stinky turds.

I had a long run today in the miserable Michigan canopy of CRAP.
It was 21 degrees out with beastly winds knocking me sideways. I had Heidi to run my long run with me. We could see the winds before they threw up snow and ice at us. There was no place to take refuge. We would turn our backs from the whirlwind and attempt  to protect ourselves from the inevitable injury.
The snow came off the drifts like glass in our face.
I felt like I was running in place. I desperately tried to lift my legs and tackle the blasts. I was going no where fast.
I went somewhere...I went into the path of anger.
This was stupid. I tried to reason with God. I prayed the sweetest little prayer. I think I even tilted my head and battered my eyes towards Heaven.

Heidi and I ran close. She had no where near the layers I had on. However, she had this perfect smile the entire time. I believe the cold weather just froze her face like that! Because I wasn't smiling except for the few times I thought "THIS must be a cruel JOKE".

13.5 MILES of being dressed like the abominable snowman. I had so many layers on my arms couldn't rest on my sides! I ran in 2 layers of britches.
A hat, a hood, a hoodie and a windbreaker hat connected to my jacket.
My head was hot and my face was frozen. I was fatigued after 5 miles from fighting winds and all the weight in layers. I fought a good fight but I was tapped.

I am discouraged on my training for Boston. There has got to be a break from these torture.
I am however excited to have Heidi training with me. Heidi asked me if we could train together. She is training for Bayshore Marathon in May.
This will  help with these CRAPPY winter runs!



  1. Brrr! I can't imagine how cold it is!! We have been in the low 70's! I am missing this weather and running so much my heart actually hurts! Still no running and I have no idea when to give my foot the "test"! The past 3 weeks have all been fails! Stay warm! Carri~A Running bee

    1. Oh Carri, I think being injured is way worse than cold weather. I feel bad for complaining. I am sure if you could run in it you would.
      Give yourself a mile try out this week. It has been 3 weeks. Make sure you are icing it.
      Let me know. If it hurts STOP!
      Hang in there!

  2. I hereby promise to never again complain about running in 80 degree temps!*** I'll take hot and humid over a sub-freezing and snow any day!

    ***not an actual binding promise

    1. How about a pinky swear! HA HA. Just kidding. Actually I LOVE running in 80 degrees. I run Naked...Ha Ha Just Kidding again!!
      Its one of the nights! lol