"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Monday, January 6, 2014

Shoveling myself out of CRAZY!

Two days being shut in I am beginning to feel like Jack Nicholson in The SHINING. I have a family all riddled with hyperactivity going stir crazy right along with me. I am beginning to go COO COO for CoCo Puffs.
I HAD to get out despite Andy asking me to stay in. He snow plowed yesterday but it was all blown over.  My driveway was plowed in and the snow bank was about 15 inches high.
As I came out of the garage I heard my neighbor Amy yell "Anita, your not going running in this are you?"
I could hear her but couldn't see her. She is a little thing and the snow between our homes was as high as she is tall!  I came out of the garage laughing and holding up my shovel. "No! I am trying to shovel myself out of here to go to the gym." I laughed.

An hour later and frozen we made it down the driveway.
It was a slow go heading to the gym. It was NEGATIVE  18 degrees out with the wind chill.
I think that Hell is actually not hot rather Sub Zero temps.

The boys brought their basketball shoes and swim trunks. We were making the most out of this trip. I headed directly to the treadmill. I considered splitting my run with the track except they had no heat on the track. No Heat No RUN!

All in all it was a good run. 10 miles on the TM. Progressive run. Finished somewhere in the 7's.
I still think that I had a harder work out shoveling the stupid driveway.
Distance: 11.23
Pace: 10 miles @8:18
1 .23 miles cool down.

The Treadmill is very convenient these days. I just read a blog entitled "Treadmills are People Too."
I love the artistic way Mark writes. I responded with ".... It is a love Hate relationship. Like all good relationships I suppose. I Love that it is like a dog always looking for attention and ever so forgiving when you pay no attention to her during the summer months. And yet she wags her tail when you touch rubber to rubber and beat her up with sudden miles. She really is a Best friend; especially in the winter months here in Michigan!"
DARK CHOCOLATE: I got this gift from Gina at work for my birthday. The best gift ever! I LOVE both of these items...Dark Chocolate I go ape over. ZUM bars are my favorite soaps. They have them at Whole foods where you can cut your own. The scents are earthy and very fragrant. 
Dark Chocolate is this runners dream
Benefits of Dark Chocolate:.
  1. Helps your Heart!  Dark chocolate is full of antioxidants, flavanols.  Dark chocolate can help prevent the activation of platelets in the blood, which contribute to heart disease
  2. Makes You Smarter – Dark chocolate (at least 70% cocoa solids) is a major source of magnesium, a mineral essential for brain health. There is evidence that chocolate boosts memory, attention span, and increase our reaction time.
  3. Reduces Stress – Eating about 1.5 ounces of dark chocolate every day may help to reduce your stress level, particularly those with moderate to high anxiety.
  4. Boosts Our Immune System – A 2009  study in the British Journal of Nutrition found that dark chocolate has immunity boosting power, possibly helping us fight off infection.
  5. MAKES Me Think Happy and Be Happy!!

BTW....Can Anyone Guess WHAT this IS????


  1. Brrr! You got a double workout from shoveling your drive! Is that a race packet ?
    I did something to my foot so I'm off my running feet for a few and it's the pits since it's 68 here!
    Stay warm!

    1. Hi Carri, It is sorta a Race Packet......It is my LOST Boston Medal and bib bag!!

      Sorry about your foot. Have you seen anyone? Did you twist it? Injuries are bad enough in bad weather but definitely worse in good weather!

  2. You found your BOSTON MEDAL!!? Great job on the treadmill btw. My stairmaster is my cold weather friend;)

    1. YEP!! Backed away and safe! But packed away too good! Thank God for our medal workouts! I would rather feel like a hamster on a wheel then a Crazed and caged lunatic without exercise!
      I miss you!

  3. After a year of preferring running in rain or 90 degree heat to the treadmill, I finally sold mine. I can't say that I miss her!
    Of course, 40 degrees is COLD around here, and I haven't seen snow in years. I might have developed a better relationship with Treadie if I lived farther north!

    1. I Love Rain Runs. Oh what I would give for a rain run. Snow runs are not fun. I have these fears of reinjuring myself so I am not a fan of running in the slippery snow.
      My sister in law lives in Florida and text me a picture of her running in 50 degrees yesterday. I Laughed so hard because she said it felt like 40..BRR!

    2. lol about your sil! I just said the same thing on my blog!! Isn't it funny how everything is relative?!