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Saturday, January 18, 2014

When Drinking and Drivng collides with Running. MEGS MILES

On January 13 "Meg" went out for a morning run. I can just imagine what she was thinking as she was lacing up her shoes.
"Hmm, how far should I go today?"  
I am envisioning her quickly lacing up her shoes and programming her watch before she headed outside.
To honor a fallen runner you hang running shoes in a tree. This is Alec and my shoes.

I did not know  "Meg" personally. My heart is broken for her and her family.  As an adult child of an alcoholic I am grief stricken even for the drunk driver.

As I set out to run in honor of Meg this evening I reminded myself that some of our best runs are for others.
Today is a reminder of how runners from all over the WORLD can come together to honor, pray, pay respects, give condolences and support a fallen runner.
In our little town of Holly Michigan we have a Roadrunners Facebook page. Post after post runners logged their runs they dedicated to "Meg".

It is a reminder to live life to the fullest.
To live life with Love, Honor and Integrity.
To live Life with no Regrets.
To live life not just for ourselves, that is easy, rather to live life for others as well.

This accident is tragic. I pray for the family. May God give them peace and healing. I pray that they feel the love and support from all of us.
Meg was very active in her church. I do believe I will see her again running in Heaven.

I think this is a reminder to all of us to do what we love in life and live it to the fullest each and every day. I did not personally know Meg, but we share mutual friends in RVA. Whenever I don't know what to do, I turn to my artwork. As I sat down last night and painted this watercolor of Meg doing what she loved, so many thoughts were going through my mind. Like so many other mothers of young children, I can relate to this tragedy and my heart breaks for her family.

I wanted to share how I envision her and hope that some of you will also on your run today. I would like to dedicate this painting and another one of Meg that I am working on to the family so that they and her children can remember the beautiful soul that she obviously was. Make it count and God Bless the Menzies <3
This is a watercolor the Anna painted to honor Meg. Anna never met her but was moved to paint this and dedicate it to her.

 Almost 90,000  people committed to Run in honor of Meg today!! We all put  in miles to honor a fallen runner and to help bring awareness to driving under the influence. 

It brought back a lot of memories for me with my mother and father. Both my parents died from Alcoholism. I had been in the car many many times as they drove drunk. The addiction owned them. They were beautiful and loving people but they were controlled by the bottle and the drugs.

My heart is heavy for the family. Their life has been devastated. Everything has been stripped from them in just a blink. A husband lost his soul mate. Children lost their mother. The family has been crippled.
Losing my Ariel just over a year ago to a tragic accident I can empathize. This hurts me even more as I look at how difficult it has been to heal.

Todays run was not just about honoring a fallen runner. Todays run was also about holding the family in prayer and in love.
It was finding gratitude for another run. It was not just any run.
It was a Honorable Run.
A Run that meant Something Beautiful.
A run that held Meaning.


Post your Miles IF You Ran for Meg TODAY.

5 Michigan MILES for MEG.


  1. I didn't know about it yesterday, but will log some for Meg today. Great post and blog, by the way!

    1. Thank JOHN. I appreciate your words. Enjoy your run. hope to hear from you more~

  2. I ran 8 miles for Meg on Saturday. The whole thing really shook me up - not because it is shocking that a drunk driver hit someone, but because that "someone" could easily have been me. We do tend to take it personal when we can so easily place ourselves in the shoes of the victim.
    And I was also thinking of you and Ariel as I ran. I know you are too familiar with the grief and pain that the family is having to endure.

  3. It's just plain wrong that even when going for a simple morning jog, you'd have to be wary of drunk drivers. What happened to Meg is truly awful, and hopefully people will take heed of such incidents as a constant reminder against drunk driving. By making the horrors of drunk driving known, we are minimizing chances of victims like Meg from getting hit.

    Kim Hunter