"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

"I just want to RUN." Injuriy Prevention

He said, "Come what may, I want to run." So Joab said, "Run!..." 2 Samuel 18:23

Injuries Injuries Injures!!!  All we want to do is RUN!!!

Funny as I read this passage this morning I thought of myself. I read it several times. I have had my share of injuries and tearfully cry out thinking "I just want to run."

This winter we all waited so patiently and impatiently for the weather to break so we could JUST RUN. We could shed some layers, feel the sun against our skin, turn our legs over and feel invigorated and refreshed by the RUN.

Some of us got too overzealous and added too many miles in.
Some of us took off too fast.
Some of us wanted to run so bad that we forgot about preparation's.

Therefore some of us are now enduring INJURIES!
Shin Splints
Plantar Fasciitis
________________________(you fill in the blank!)

Here are some quick tips to preventing Injuries.

  1. INTERVALS. Just because you add a walk break does not mean you are ANYTHING less than a runner...You are still a Runner and more often a less INJURED runner! The theory behind intervals is that by taking regular walking breaks, the primary running muscles are rested at regularly occurring intervals, allowing them to recover before running again.  By training for distance runs using run/walk intervals, runners can often maintain a faster overall pace, stay as strong (if not stronger) during the second half of a race as they were in the first half, and finish their race injury free. For new runners, the run/walk method can help overcome the fatigue of a long run, and run/walk helps  maintain the stamina necessary to “go the distance” and to enjoy The RUN.  The actual run/walk intervals can vary according to overall conditioning, length of the run, and performance goal.  I add walk breaks on every long run. I take this time to stretch out my hips and calves while drinking and taking nutrition. The walk breaks allow runners to build up their mileage without subjecting their bodies to the stress of daily running. By adding walk breaks it gives the muscles regular recovery time during a long run.
  2. ICE ICE ICE! I know it seems so cliché. But it WORKS!!! Use Ice for muscle pains and other soft tissue injuries around the ankles and knees.  I do Ice Baths. The ice constricts blood vessels and increases metabolic activity which reduces swelling and tissue breakdown. As you warm up this causes a return of faster flowing blood to flow thus helping flush out the toxins out of the cells.
  3. Anti-inflammatory meds help minimize minor injuries. I take Mortin.
  4. Proper Stretching and Strength Training. Sorry I can not give you a formula that is sure fire. Everyone is different. But for me. I have to stretch/roll. I am not as disciplined as I should be and I can always tell when I have not stretched properly or rolled out my ITB. I feel tight and do not recover properly. Less is MORE. You can get injured from over stretching and strength training.
  5. Amby Burfoot "Act like an Athlete, remember you are in athlete. Act like one..... To get healthy, you must remain focused, disciplined and consistent."
  6. HYDRATE. Drink plenty of fluids after your run to help flush toxins. After Andy and I ran that 17 mile run Sunday come Monday he had a terrible headache. Most likely it was because he did not drink enough water from our run and the 82 degree weather which led to dehydration.
  7. RICE: Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. These measures help to relieve muscle aches and joint pains.
I have had people look at my mileage as of late and ask me "HOW are you Running that?"

Let us revisit my last 2 long runs..BACK TO BACK long runs. 2 days of running with 36 miles in them.

The Things that HURT:
  1. Sundays run I ran with Andy. Our route was way to hilly for a long run of 17 miles.
  2. Ran out of water. We should have picked a route where we could have filled up on our H20 more frequently.
  3. Didn't get out to run before the heat. We ran at 1pm. This fatigued us sooner and invited discouragement along with it. Also Andy did not drink enough water throughout that evening.
The Things that Helped:
  • We both rolled and stretched before our run.
  • We were dressed properly with loose clothing and lighter colors.
  • We ran with intervals. 5:1. LSD.
  • Mortin after run.
  • Andy and I BOTH did the Cold Plunge/Hot tub after our run on Sunday.
  • Stretched lightly after our run and also into the evening Andy stretched our his calf because he has injuries with both his Plantar fasciitis and Achilles.
BUT now lets add another 19 mile run..A run almost a  1 minute faster...HOW???
  1. Plenty of water on my route.
  2. FLAT level Route
  4. Add intervals 1 mile ran 1 minute walk.
  5. Took chomps and a KIND bar to help my nutrition.
  6. COLD plunge yet again 15 minutes.
Here it is Tuesday and I feel GREAT! I am humbled by what God had allowed my body to do. I was only supposed to run 18 miles yesterday and messed up my route turning into 19.

How do you do it?
One mile at a time. Running does not require BRAINS but they sure help! Be Smart. Be disciplined both in your running and in your mind.
Be Patient it pays off.

Distance: 17 miles
Pace :10:33
Distance: 19 miles
Pace: 9:40


  1. Good sound advice Nita...my best Crim came with walk breaks.

    1. Thanks Anonymous, What are I forgetting?? I walked through the water stations at the CRIM and your right..It didn't hurt me at all!

  2. I believe in walk breaks for keeping me healthy! It's a pride issue, of course... but since I quit caring what others think, I've experienced much less injury!

    1. That is what Jeff Galloway says and so far I agree with you both!

  3. I agree with you June - my race, my pace! I generally walk 0.8 of every mile for sanity and to force hydration. No injuries since Feb. 2011 *knock on wood*

  4. I Love that Michelle "My race My Pace." And the sanity part seriously Trumps everything else Michelle!