"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Saturday, April 13, 2013

On My Knees

God sure knows how to put you on your knees...Like right in front of a hotel toilet! If you didn't read yesterdays post, SICK..than you may as well know I have the stomach FLU!

We got on the road later than we planned. Andy let me try and sleep. As we drove through New York by belly was still turning but I was able to keep everything down and in!

All the carb loading the past week is gone. Especially considering today my diet consisted of water and minimal bland foods.

We arrived in Boston where the anxiety went into full swing for Andy. We were trying to get to the Expo and the traffic was insane. These people are just going on like this was their normal. Andy was chewing the inside of his lip, clicking his teeth and desperately trying not to go postal.
After an hour of trying to find parking in the city we decided to head to the hotel and throw in the towel. As we were on our way out and going no where fast we found a parking structure!

After 3 hours of shopping at the expo and 30 dollars in parking we headed to our the hotel in Walthum.
Can You find ALEC?? The stick figure!
 I needed to run. My training had me running 5 miles-that was not going to happen.
I decided 30 minutes of running was as good as it was going to get. Between my knee giving me issues and my belly hating me I knew it would was best to keep it simple. 

The fresh air engulfed me and excited me. This was exactly what the DR ordered. As I ran I took the time to talk to God. And Listen.
I thought of all those who were praying for me. I thought how God could use me being sick to empower others to pray, love and encourage. I thought if hoovering over a toilet like an animal brought others to HIM than that is where I would wanted to be.

Crazy how God puts us on our knees...Humbled.

Adam GOUCHER!! Olympian, Husband to Kara &Author of Running the EDGE!!
 Heading to bed. Trying to catch up on some sleep. We were able to find a Chinese Restaurant and get take out. The had a healthy chicken and vegetable meal with no starch or sauce. It will sustain life and I pray stay DOWN!

Tomorrow we are taking the kids site seeing and I am going to try and meet Father Daniel. He is a Priest from Clarkston Michigan who is running Boston for the first time.

Also I want to say thank you to many people who have responded to my posts in prayer.

"May he grant you according to your hearts desire, and fulfill all of your purpose."
Psalm 20:4
Thank you Lacy R for sharing this scripture with me. 


  1. Whoa! I did not know the marathon was on a MONDAY! Color me embarrassed! I will still be praying for you tomorrow!
    (Monday?? Really?? wow)

    1. LOL...No a lot of people think it is Saturday or Sunday, Seriously a MONDAY for a Race is kinda crazy but it is their Patriots day..Only a Holiday Bostonians celebrate. I know God Hears those Prayers anyday~

      So FUNNY!

  2. Oh Nita!! Said an xtra prayer for you at church today. i am hoping & praying you are better. please be careful tomorrow - NO race is worth seriously hurting yourself!! stay hydrated, walk, & if your pace isn't where you want/hoped just look around and enjoy. i am worried about you - i know how hard you push yourself!!! love ya!!

    1. Danielle, Thank you for the prayers, I am feeling so much better. Keeping it simple with food. I do not want to take any chances.
      I after tomorrows run I will be mostly excited to run with YOU on Thursday!!!