"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Honored to Run The Boston Marathon:2013

We took the family on a road trip to Boston trying to make running the Marathon into a family vacation. We headed out Friday morning for 8 hours of driving towards New York.

Just the day before I had ran with my sons cross country team and had tweaked my knee. That was my first distress call.  I was quiet at first about sharing it but I knew I needed prayers.

As we arrived in the hotel the first night my stomach was not feeling settled. Again I tried to keep it silent.
That evening I woke up several times with a fierce case of the stomach flu. Unable to manage my body through the night I fell victim to vomiting and ...ugh, yes diarrhea.
This is where I began asking yet again for prayers.

I am not shy when it comes to asking for prayers. Praying for one another is one of the most powerful things we can give each other. It is a gift that costs you nothing and can give everything to someone else.

By Sunday night I was a witness to the miraculous power of the many many people that were praying for me. I had NO knee clicking or aching.
I had no fever and NEVER got sick again after Friday night!
I was so grateful and humbled by so many that volunteered to pray for me. For all those that signed up to pray for me throughout my marathon as well.

On Monday morning, Patriots Day,  I had to get up at 5am. I was more nervous about boarding the train alone than running the Boston Marathon.
Andy got up early with me and drove me into the train station. "Andy, your going to walk me into the train station right?" I asked a dozen times.
Calmly Andy replied, "Yes, Nita, You will be fine. Remember you take the green line into Park place then switch trains and take the red line into Copley."
AHHH...It sounded easy enough..easy for any other person BUT ME. I am directionally challenged. In most cases I could care less if I get lost I would just stop and ask. But today I could not afford to get lost. "Please God, calm my nerves, direct my paths, give me courage and knowledge to get to my destination." I prayed. And together in the car Andy gently held my hand praying for me.

Andy walked me up to the train station where together we got a coffee at Dunkin Donuts. Andy gave me some cash just in case I needed a taxi and kissed my goodbye.

Arriving on the train I located other marathon runners by their bright yellow Boston Marathon baggage claim totes.
"Just follow them, Nita." I told myself.
As we stopped along the way to our destination many more runners boarded the train. The excitement was elevating as we all were bonding with one another.
I asked the runners if they were all getting off at Park Place as well and they were too. I had a sense of relief until I heard most of them also say that was their exit point!
As I stepped off the train panic set in. whether or not to follow them or to do what I was scheduled to do.
"Stick with the plan Anita." I told myself.
Finding my next train I nervously jumped on and felt a little more at ease when I sat next to a city worker. Not shy, I confirmed with her  that I was supposed to get off at Copley.Having peace of mind I relaxed...
UNTIL the train passed right through Copley without stopping!
I glanced at her and I could tell she was confused.
She was so kind in helping me. She told me where to get off and which direction to go. Apparently Copley was closed therefore the train did not make that a stop.

As I got off I headed outside the train station all mixed up and lost. I walked out and had no idea where to go. But then I saw another City Official. Nervous I put on my nicest face and interrupted her morning with a touristy question. "Ma'am, I am so sorry, I was supposed to get off the train at Copley only it was closed and I have no idea how to get to the Back Bay Hilton, can you please help me?"
At first she brushed me off mumbling something I could not understand. She pointed and gave me directions that could not be understood either. I gently tried to repeat what she said back, pointing in the direction she showed me only wrong.
She then took here ear buds out of her ears and kindly looked at me speaking to me and walking me to the road where she wanted me to turn in to. She took me to where I could see where she was pointing..."HILTON".
I was so grateful, I did my best expressing this without jumping all over her with hugs and kisses!

"I have to meet Father Daniel" I told myself. I was so excited to see his familiar face. Even though I had just met Father Daniel 4 days ago I loved the idea of having that believers bond. I could Jesus talk, pray and feel that in him as well. We were not just running the Boston Marathon together but we were running it in Christ. We knew where our strength would be coming from, where our stamina would come from, where we would have to dig in and who we would cry out to.
We knew that nothing was impossible without HIM, and that we could do ALL things through Christ.

Arriving 20 minutes late at the Back Bay Hilton I located Father Daniel within the first couple minutes.
After just a few minutes together we joined the others and loaded the "Baumans Coach buses" we had booked weeks prior.
Father Daniel and his Sister

We had a 50 minute drive towards Hopkinton where the start of the Boston Marathon is.
Before Father Daniel and I separated I asked him if we could pray.
We both shared prayers that were different in words but the same in meaning. It was such an honor to have Father Daniel not only pray with me but also be asked to pray with him.

"Let us run with endurance the race God has set before us." Hebrews 12:1
Even in the nervousness of so many runners we all shared smiles of joy. Runners lined up and down the streets of Hopkinton. This is the Matriarch of Races. The Grandfather of them all. The Boston Marathon has entertained the fastest runners in the world. I was humbled by the thought of it all. Runners from all over the world have come out here to run and over 500,000 spectators and volunteers make this race iconic.
The warm sun brought even more cheer to the runners. We had the most perfect day to run 26.2 miles.
I was eager to start. I could feel Gods comforting hand removing any anxiety and giving me his perfect peace.

Just like clock work at 10:20am we moved forward towards the starting line and the next thing I new I was crossing the mat.

I had a plan. I had to run a sub 8 minute mile. The first 10 miles stick to my pace and PASS NO ONE. The crowds were deafening. At least5 people deep carrying signs, cowbells and high fives the crowds roared.
The children put their fingers out like you were a celebrity squealing when you clapped their little hands. 

For the first 6 miles I kept hearing "GO MARK!. Hundreds of times people were shouting his name. Who is this "Mark" guy? I looked all over trying to investigate who this popular runner was that was stealing the show.
At mile 7 I located him. He was wearing a sleaveless tank for a nursing charity and on the front in very large bold writing it said "MARK". It did not hurt that he was also about 6'2 and as bald as a cue ball. He had the look! I came up next to him and said "Your stealing all the crowd, everywhere I run I keep hearing your name!" Mark laughed and replied in a English accent  "What are you running?"
I responded "trying to go for a 3:30 marathon."
"I am too." he said.
"Well Mark, I think I need to stick near you because you have the best cheerleaders!"
And it was just like that I found a running partner.

Mark had never ran the Boston Marathon before and he was doing great. I was a little nervous about our pace at times because he was running around a 7:45 minute mile and running it strong.  Between the two of us watching our watches we coached each other with our pace and our miles.
Around mile 10 another gentleman came up on my left. He was about the same age as Mark. Late 50's early 60's. And also like Mark he too had an accent. This man was very jolly. He was laughing and full of conversation.
I soon discovered I was running with one man from Holland and the other, Mark, from England.
This was a first.
We decided to help one another to get to the finish line.

Welsey College would soon be approaching at mile 13. The excitement of running through this section would carry us for a few miles.
As we approached the all girls college there were so many signs you could not read fast enough!
Kiss me I am from BOSTON!
Kiss me I am From MICHIGAN!
Kiss me I am a ZOMBIE!
Kiss me I love Nerds!

And it was here that I lost the 2 gentleman!
I decided to keep pace. I knew that they would catch up and would have needed me to stay on target.

And I was right. As we passed all the yelling Mark approached first. "Ya, I think we may have lost him back there with all the gals!"
Laughing we continued moving forward where our lost kissing bandit arrived about a half a mile later.

We would soon be coming up on mile 16 where I was really looking forward to seeing my family.
I felt pretty good just still concerned when Mark took the lead because he was pacing at a little faster pace than I was.
I know to run my own race but I always pick someone to run with. Every marathon I have run I have a runner that I pace off of. Although I was going faster than I planned there was something in me that said "Stick to this Anita."
We lost the gentleman from Holland about mile 16. I began looking for my family on both side of the street.
Mile 17 was approaching I still had not seen them. I was getting sad that I may have missed them. The crowds were so thick with spectators that it was very possible I missed them.
"ANITA!!!" I heard Andy yelling!! There he was running right out unto the course. "You are KILLING it!" Andy screamed with intensity.  Running alongside me he asked how I was doing. He was full of encouragement and that is what I was going to be using to help fuel me the next 4 miles.

Let the HILLS come! This is where you have to start digging deep. The Newton hills started here. I knew I had banked some time but I still did not want to get into hat reserve if I didn't have to.

I was concentrating on my breathing and my plan. I wanted to maintain a 8-8:30 minute mile up the first couple hills.
Together we moved forward towards Heartbreak Hill.  But before we got there "Mark" was really struggling. I kept turning around up the hills to check on him. Seeing me trying to find him, he waved me to go. "Anita..Go!"

I knew I had to go. I put my head down and climbed to the top of the hill.
I thought of all those that were praying for me. I looked at my arm where I had written those that had dedicated miles.
As I looked up there lied Heartbreak Hill.Right in the middle of mile 20 and 21.  The tears shook my body. My Ariel. I had just lost my sweet Ariel 6 months ago.  What a name for the pain I was feeling, Heartbreak Hill. How appropriate. I had dedicated mile 21 for ARIEL and here I was running the most difficult part of the race with her at the forefront of my heart and mind.  It all just twined together. The tears began flowing down my cheeks and my shoulders were heaving. Everything hurt so bad ..."Ariel" I cried.
As I came to the top I knew I needed to get it together. I knew in order to finish this race I had to be strong. Swallowing hard I straightened my shoulders put my head up and prayed for strength.

JUST 5 more miles to go! I was feeling fatigue at this point. My quads were beginning to burn.
The hills were not done. I had a couple more rollers to go.
There were so many people all over. "Go Nita" I heard my name several times. People were reading my arm and cheering me on. I whispered thank you or gave a thumbs up to conserve energy.

Through each water station I went to the side walking and sipping. After 5-10 seconds I chucked my cup and headed back into the runners. 

By mile 23 I was feeling my legs heavy and tired. "Come on NITA, Stay strong just a little longer."
"CHEVRON"...This is IT! I could see that large sign ahead of me that marked the 1 mile to go.
Looking at my watch I had more 10 minutes to make it to the finish and PR.
Everything hurt. It even hurt to think.

"MAMA, NITA!!!!"
What? WHO? NO WAY!! There was Andy and the boys again! I could not believe it, how did they get here?
"Andy is amazing, How did he make it here?" I was totally in AWE!

I felt all those who were praying for me. I had no doubts, I had no voices of defeat. In all my pain I knew that I was going to finish. I can not describe the comfort of knowing God was going to give me victory, He was not going to give it to me without me fighting for it but he was going to give me what I needed to accomplish it.
My ears were ringing with the shouts and cheers of the hundreds of people lined up on both sides of the road. Music was in the background of the cheers. Cow bells were ringing with the thrill of the finish just ahead of me.
I could see the bright blue finish. My legs were like jello but my body was on autopilot. "Nita, you can finish this, stay strong, keep moving."

I could hear the announcer and the cameras were like paparazzi. There is was, the finish. My Emotions were driving me. Tears of happiness came welling down my cheeks as I ran over the finish mats. I looked at my watch, 3:28!
This was my fastest marathon. I shaved over 10 minutes off my last Boston Marathon in 2011!

I could hardly move as they corralled us towards the Mylar shawls that they gave us runners to warm up.
I headed in line to get my recovery food bag barely able to walk. My legs were burning and cramping.
After getting my food I slowly moved around the corner to the family meeting area. I knew I would be there a while after seeing Andy and the boys so close to the finish.
Shivering and cold I just relaxed and waited.

I spotted the boys coming through the crowd after about 25 minutes of waiting. They showered me with hugs and kisses. "Mom, You ran so good." Alec said.
"Mom, How did you keep your pace so well? We watched you all the way and could not believe how you paced yourself!"  Austin shouted so happy.
I just smiled and laughed. I was overwhelmed with gratitude and extreme joy. The crowds were all the same. Wall to wall people on the streets were all taking pictures of their loved ones victory.....

How quickly this iconic event had been sabotaged by evil.  This was just minutes before the bombing would take place. We would be less than a block away.

The evilness of man would strip away victories, laughter, families, joy, and a barrage of beautiful emotions.




  1. Fantastic recap, Anita! I feel like every time I read a "normal" story from Monday it restores a bit of the celebration that should have been - that it takes something back from the terrorist who stole it.
    And congratulations!!

    1. Thanks, It was pretty lengthy. EEK!
      There is much to be celebrated. We feel so guilty even smiling in the aftermath of it. As I passed other runners after the race we all gave each other a look of sadness. This was our way of grieving for those who were lost.
      But there was still so much to celebrate from it all too.
      We are caught in the middle of Honoring those that were hurt deeply and lost their lives and the others like myself that had a victory. I just pray I can Honor God and those who have been hurt and lost from this.

  2. I love you Anita and prayed for you a lot on Monday. You are an inspiration! Thank you for sharing the story as if we were all right there running next to you!!! I am sorry you had to experience the traumatic events of the bombing, but I am so thankful you and your family are all safe!

    1. Dearest Maria, I am so thankful for all your messages and support. I just love you all so much.
      God is Good. He is sovereign.

      If I have learned one thing through this it is the POWER oF PRAYER.
      There is a spiritual warfare going on that we can not see. I had so many praying for me before, during and after.
      I can almost see With each prayer God sending his angels out to guide me, protect me, comfort me, heal me and fight for me and my family. I can visualize this. I saw God do Miracles on me from healing my knee to Healing me from a dreadful stomach bug. I believe through the obedience and faith of all those praying for me HE guided my steps and protected me!
      I Believe.
      God Knew the outcome. He blessed me with all those who loved, supported and prayed for me.
      GLORY TO GOD. So humbled. On my knees in gratitude.

  3. Not too many posts do I read and have to wipe away tears. Your description of Heartbreak Hill and thoughts of your niece were heart wrenching. A beautiful write up. Congratulations!

    1. Thank You Karen. As I think back running up that hill I can feel the emotion at the cusp of my heart. I could hear her, I could almost touch her as I crested towards the top. and yet she was not there..and it just hurt so very bad.

      Glory to God, Thank YOU!

  4. Thank you again Anita for yet another tear jerker. I just finished my workout, but after reading this I want to go running again, lol. I loved how you made me feel like I was there with you. Thank you again, you are such an encouragement.

    1. Your comments made me smile and giggle! Love it. Love that we can encourage one another! Great JOB SUE!

      Thank YOU for sharing your words, reading your comments are to me very encouraging!

  5. Incredible experience. Definitely an emotional one! Thanks for sharing with us. I'm with everyone else --pass the tissues!

    1. Thank NINA.. A bit Lengthy, Thank You for taking the time and reading. Your words are very encouraging.

  6. Loved going through your experience... & what an fantastic journey it was... so glad you have good memories of a race that turned so horrible.
    I love a fellow Christian sister.. I'm gonna have to save your blog to my reader so I can follow all your running adventures :)

    1. Thank You Rebecca,
      Glory has to always go to GOD. God directs our steps.
      Thank you for taking the time to share with me!
      Very encouraging~

  7. I have been so anxious to hear your recap of the race!! I know it must be hard for you to go back and look after all that has happened, but that is what we must do. There are many POSITIVE and encouraging stories from Monday to go along with the sadness. That is what the Boston Marathon signifies to many runners - an achievement of a life time goal, the honor of stepping foot on that course, the commraderie of ALL who are there - runners or spectators alike. I watched your pace too that day - and I am with Austin - I could not believe how STEADY and CONSISTENT you were!! Ok, I can believe it, I know you, but it's so awesome to see. You had a fantastic race and you should be so proud. Makes me want to pick out another marathon - ooh did I say that outloud?? LOL. Love you Anita, and I can't wait to see you and give you a BIG hug!!!

  8. Nita,
    You astonish me!!! And what an amazing post, just as all the others have shared, its like we were right there with you. I am so proud of you in so many different ways! Your strength, your discipline, your commitment, your spiritual growth, your encouragement on so many levels.
    I miss you so badly and wish we were closer to spend one on one time together. Please know that you are thought of often and loved like my sister!!!