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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Keep it Simple Thursday: 5 for 5

Keeping it simple:
5 subjects : 5 points

5 THINGS that made me SMH (Shake my Head)
  1. AIRHEAD MOVE #2638 Left my house to meet Danielle at Clover beach in Fenton..at Silver Lake Rd, I wiggled my toes and realized I was wearing my running socks with my sons slides on! I forgot my running shoes!
  2. My forgetfulness was due to a comic relief session with my friend JEFF. Apparently, I shouldn't drive, talk on the phone and laugh too much, one forgets their shoes.
  3. After bleaching down the bathrooms (BOYS pee EVERYWHERE and leave mystery hairs everywhere) SHEBA, my boxer, sat on me to cuddle and smelled like dookey. Pretty sure she rolled in poo outside.  I had to bath her and bleach the bathroom again!
  4. Danielle waited for me to arrive with my running shoes. She had a meeting, therefore she got a few miles in before I got there but could only run a few with me. I finished up my last 4 miles solo. It was like a moms day out on the Linden Trail. On my last mile I heard a lady say "HI ANITA!" I shook my head towards the voice, "HI, Do I know you?" It was Sandy H. I have never officially met her but we are friends on FB and she is an incredible runner.
  5. Had to SMH leaving my sons basketball game this evening. It was an ugly loss. One of the coaches told the kids he was going to coach them like HOCKEY because that is his favored sport. AHHHH!!!
5 Tips I thought of during my RUN:
  1. "Crap, I have no music...You don't need music, you NEED to listen to your running."
  2. "I am so glad I took my shirt off, its so hot, it so amazing."
  3. "8:24, you gotta pick it up, no excuses."
  4. "7:50..Oh come on Nita, Hold it, hold it, breath and relax, straight face, don't waste energy grimacing, whining, scowling..straight face, straight face..."
  5. "My knee loves me today, why didn't it hurt today, who cares, shut up and run, run faster its not hurting.."
5 Foods I ate:
  1. Breakfast : a KIND bar
  2. Snack: a Protein bite homemade
  3. Lunch: Tropical Smoothie fish taco, chipotle chicken taco and Get up and Gogi smoothie
  4. Snack: carrots, grapes, 2 clementine's
  5. Dinner: I BLEW IT..PIZZA!
5 Things that made me LAUGH this WEEK:
  1. A skunk came after Claudia and I on the trails Monday, I never saw Claudia run so fast!
  2. Getting Lost at Holdridge with Claudia, We ran with a MAP! We turned a simple 9 mile run in over 13!
  3. The cashier at the Green APPLE asked me if my nieces son was my baby! I still got it, or he needed glasses.. 
  4. Using my Halloween mask to scare the girls at work and home, Andy screams like a girl, its AWESOME!
  5. 6 moms running the trails and brown bagging lunch together...us moms after a run/hike all doped up on 74 degrees and endorphins are a WILD bunch!
  1. This is my 3rd year running it, its been running 3 years.
  2. I have ran it with Joan for the past 3 years. I paced her.
  3. This year initially Joan said she wanted to run and have FUN.. I LOVED that IDEA, ANOTHER Fun run!!
  4. SHE CHANGED HER MIND! Joan is getting faster, stronger and is way younger, I am going to have to work to get her a PR!
  5. 2013 Results: 2:06:43 2014: 1:56:12     10 MINUTES shaved OFF!
ANY GUESSES on this YEAR??????
GUESS and get a GOODIE!


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