"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Detroit Freep Marathon. The plan.

My body is recovering from my 50m just fine. Good enough that I can move my mind and body into preparing for Detroit Freepress Marathon in 2 weeks.

I will have 5 weeks between races.

While that might not seem like enough, many coaches would suggest you wait at least 4 weeks between a marathon or half marathon.
  • The more miles that you run the more fit that you are. The more quickly you will recover from the damage you have applied to your body.
  • Another factor that is important when racing back to back is the effort level that you raced at and the effort that you plan to hit your next race at.
I have done this the wrong way, not knowing the importance of taking adequate time off. After running Chicago in 10/10/10, I was also signed up to race the Detroit Freep half marathon. At mile 3, my body started whining, at mile 8 my legs where screaming. It was no longer a fun run, I was hurtin for certain!

I am excited to run Detroit this year for a few reasons:
  1. I got a hotel room at the Marriott like we do every year but THIS year, the girls are all going to stay with me! Mary Ann, Claudia, Erin, Jama and I!
  2. I am not racing it. I am gonna have fun with the girls.
I am not a racing snob. I don't change my name to protect my racing times. I do not enter races to run blazing fast. I am not chasing my next PR. I do not introduce myself as "Anita The Runner".
Not every race has to be a BQ-er for me, I try really hard to REMEMBER why I RUN.
Some of my most sentimental runs are actually with someone else who meets their goals.
Yes, I love to race fast, hard and strong. But it takes a toll on you both physically and emotionally.
Not having the pressure that racing brings is a good break for me. I am really excited to be running with these ladies!
I get to do my favorite things, run and have the energy to be a cheerleader! For Claudia, this will be her 1st MARATHON!
I am stoked to be part of her story!

I HATE BEING COLD. I always struggle in the fall trying to figure out what to wear. Sure enough by my 3rd hill sprint I was stripping clothes off. I had a pile of clothes in the bushes on Rood rd.
For months training for WOODSTOCK I trained walking hills. Now it was time to start getting my strength and speed back.
At the base of the hill, I would pick out a tree or a mailbox and lunge forward after it. About midway through the hill it feels like I have a rubber band around my waist pulling me backwards.
I found myself barking commands at myself. My teeth were grinding as I dug my shoes deeper into the gravel.
"FEEL the Burn, GO, GO, Bring your knees up and GOO."
"Come on baby make it hurt so GOOD." I could almost hear John Cougar Mellencamp personally singing sweet nothings to me.
I wanted to cheat but then remembered I am only cheating myself. I wanted to quit but quitters never win. I wanted to whine but no one likes whiners.
After 4 miles of hill repeats, I headed home. I have one more nasty hill on my final strip towards the Harless Abode.
I not only knocked it out, my body without asking me, turned AROUND to do it again! I actually started laughing at myself halfway down the hill. "What just happened? When did I give my legs permission to turn around?"
I looked at the top of the hill. A bright yellow arrow pointed in the direction of the curve on the road and home.
UP! Pumping my arms, lifting my knees and focusing my eyes on the arrow I took off.
"All the way home Anita, no break, no rest, keep running till you get home."
ONLY I forgot about the hill my street in nestled on.
I caught my breath, I was in a comfortable pace and place. I decided to tackle this last hill on the home front. Holding my shirt, with my jacket wrapped around me, my bare skin was clammy and hot.
I looked down at my Garmin for my pace and kicked it back into gear. As I was clearing the top, I saw Austin in Andys truck coming towards me. He passed our street and pulled up to me. Out of breath I went towards the car. Nick, his friend was looking at me like a lunatic. "WOW, you are going hard, why are you going so fast?"
I chuckled, threw my smelly shirt at them and headed into our street.
All giddy I was like "HA HA,they thought I looked fast!"

ANYONE there RUNNING DETROIT FREEP Marathon? What is your goal time? You might want to join our posse!



  1. When you say "not racing" you'll still finish in something like 3:50, a time that us mere mortals can only dream about, and you'll call it an "easy run" haha Good luck!!!! My plans for Freep Sunday this year are to take it easy, maybe do a short walk after a long nap. Maybe I'll be back in 2016 :)

    1. Well, I will have you know that I am probably going to be finishing this years marathon between 4-4:30! And I am super excited about it. We are running in a pack, one of the girls is running her first marathon. I hate to put any time restraints on her, just FINISHING is pretty incredible!

  2. Thanks for a great post. I have yet so much to learn and have learned so much from you. I have never felt unsure about my time or my abilities when running with you. Can't wait !

    1. I know that you are going to do good. This next race is going to be EPIC. You will discover character traits you never knew, you are going to be forever changed. I am super happy to be with you! I will have my work cut out for me trying to keep you from hauling A$$ because you are having so much fun!