"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Power of Touch

Physical Touch. This is one of the 5 LOVE languages Gary Chapman covers in his book The 5 Love Language. Andy and I went to the bible study to try and discover what Love Language we are. This would hopefully help to improve marriage more on an emotional level. Too bad for Andy when I did the test we only discovered that I was TOTALLY split between ALL 5.

I have gotten myself in trouble for being too touchy on multiple times. I don't mean anything by it.
Once, after leaving a recovery meeting Andy had to pull me aside. "Nita, I know you don't mean anything by it, but you need to watch who you are hugging and patting, these are men in recovery, some for more than substance abuse." He quietly continued "You need to remember, I sit with them at the tables, I hear a lot of men talk, I hear the things they are doing..."
Well, I had a hard time even looking them in the eyes after that. No more free hugs.

At work, I hug all my clients. Usually twice. A welcome hug and farewell hug. I had one client who was from Britain. "Alan", I sure do miss Alan. He looked like a rock star. We highlighted his tousled blonde locks multiple colors. He kept it longer, disheveled . He loved foreign sports cars and his Ducati. He was untamed and always reminded me of a blonde Mick Jagger. He died unexpectedly at 65. One of my favorite clients. He had a great accent and culturally he kissed on the lips. It took many years to get used to that.

Today was MASSAGE day. I always treat myself to a massage a few days before I have a big race. It has been a very emotionally few weeks for me. I had a funeral yesterday, my sweet cousin, 34 years old. She lost her fight to cancer. It was soo painful. It is the Mexican side of the family. She was an only child. So heartbreaking. Her mother just saying "Anita, you look just like her, Anita, did you see her? Did you see how much you look the same?" Tear my heart out. Her mother collapsed in my arms weeping. I just held her, I held her tight, touching her hair and rubbing her back. Touch.
For massage, I only go to women. They messed an appointment up a few years back and I was quite surprised when I heard a guys voice over top of me. It was unusually warm in the room, he was running late and I realized I recognized him. He was one of the servers at the restaurant we order from by my work.  I couldn't do anything. I could hear him breathing the whole time, he was sweating and I wanted to die.

Holly gave came in to warm the table and set me up. As soon as her warm hands touched my shoulders I melted into the sheets. I took a deep breath and felt my body relaxing. She has strong hands, digging deep but not making me wince. For as small as I am, I like a strong touch.
A massage with a period. Nice, very nice.

 Prerace Massage:
  • usually 4/5 days for marathon
  • Releases tightness, breaks up scar tissue and helps flush out stored lactic acid
  • Sports massage is deeper, helps remove knots and release tight IT bands

The Rundown:

I got to run with Danielle. It was a last minute thing. We met at some trails in Fenton for 5 easy miles. It was awesome. All of it but the part where we ran up on 2 black dogs with NO collar, leash or master. The smaller one approached us with enthusiasm, a black lab puppy. The larger one stared us down with a questionable look. The closer she/he came the more obvious it was a pitbull. I was glad I had released my bladder in the woods because I would have peed my pants right there! A young hippie looking man came out of the woods. "The little one is just a puppy..." He paused and tripped over his words "Uh, the other one is ..a ..bit skittish..." He was trying to get her but she was not trained and kept looking at us. I don't think I was even breathing at that point. She ran off in the opposite direction and the owner ran after her trying to get he. We took off!
SERIOUSLY?? No leash, No collar, and no training..really?!

Treat yourself to a nice massage. Even if your not running. Enjoy the soft music, the warm table, the soft hands that release not just muscle tension but emotional tension as well.
It is like therapy and you don't even have to speak. It was so amazing, I booked one for Monday after my race.


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