"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Run4Wine RECAP! Whining!

A couple years ago Andy ran Run4Wine alone. He got out of work and drove to the Jewel Golf course on a whim and had an epic PR. He came home pumped up on endorphins and left me feeling like I had just missed the Pope coming.
This year, Lacey and I decided to run it. I posted on my  FB (Running against the Odds) wall in hopes that some other runners would come out and join me. I thought the WINE and dinner would be a sure sell for my runner friends. But no bites, or sips.

Working till 3, I rushed home to exchange my dress shoes for running shoes.
It was 64' and sunny out. I was slipping into running shorts not capris or pants. I probably should have shaved but didn't think I would be running in so much bare leg.

Lacey met at my house for her first race since Bayshore Marathon.
Bayshore beat the Hell out of her. Literally. She didn't run all summer because her Boston Qualifiying time almost did her in.
Between her just starting running, me not doing much speed work and totally despising the 5k distance neither of us knew what our pace would be.
One thing I knew, Lacey is one of the strongest mental runners I know, I am so proud of her getting back out there, I was going to let her lead, sticking to her side.

Buddy System; May the Course be with you.
We took off together on the golf course. Both of us were giddy and laughing to cover-up our jitters. Lacey squeezed her little frame in between runners. I was a couple steps behind trying to let her lead.
The smile on my face quickly disappeared as my mind was trying to wrap around what my body was doing.
We started in the middle of the pack allowing us to keep picking people off. One after another we passed runners. However, we had some runners we couldn't get around, I embraced this pause to catch my breath and calm my screaming lungs.

Before we got to the 2nd mile, Lacey out of breath says "Anita, At mile 2, just GO, I can tell you got it, just go."
What I wanted to say was, "LACEY,Shut up and RUN." I think I was more polite and said something like, "No, we are finishing together, you are stronger than you think."

At mile 2, I was like "Good Job Lacey..." Lacey settled behind me pretty much at the half mile mark. I kept trying to fall back and let her do the work but she wasn't having it. I knew Lacey was making me pull her and I was not happy about it. Everything was hurting. "I Hate these distances." I cried.
Lacey caught her breath "Anita, Are you having Fun YET?"
"No Lacey, I am NOT having fun!"

Lacey stayed right with me. As we approached mile 3, Lacey made a brilliant observation. "This course if like a true cross country course."
Thank God the weather was dry and beautiful. We were running across rolling hills on the golf course. We would get a break from the soft grass to run on a gravel golf cart track. It was here we were able to pick up the pace. But as soon as that track ended and spit you back on the grass your
shoes melted in the ground. The rollers and curves of the course slapped your pace back down. It made you work harder to just maintain you speed. Somehow, Lacey and I were running negative splits.
The last mile approached and we were still passing runners. A volunteer lady at the last half mile mark yells "Great job girls, You have a half mile, pick it up." As we came on her we were actually climbing a hill, out of breath I laugh "THIS is Me PICKING it up!"
We had to do a little switch back, as we made the curve we could see the runners ahead of us all over the course with multiple hills and crevices.
Lacey was whining right away and I followed with her. The Finish might have been 5 miles away it looked so brutal.

Last quarter mile

We toughed it out together, I wanted to keel over and die.  I still was not having fun yet. And at this point I didn't even think I would enjoy the meal we were getting because I was so sick.
We made this last slight turn and saw the Finishing Bridge. Trying to conserve my energy I didn't say anything until Lacey did first. "ARE YOU KIDDING ME!"
The Finish not only ended UPHILL it also had 2 hills with a deep dip before it.
"Anita, GO, kick it in.."
I think I may have laughed, "Ahh Lacey, this is me kicking it in!"
But there is usually a little more juice in the cup, especially when another runner passes you. Guilty for leaving Lacey, I came after that hill. The faster I ran the more energy I found. I was on the heals of that runner.
I never passed him but I gave myself a run for my money. I could feel the vomit inching its way up. Lacey came right up to me putting her arm around me. We walked. I asked her if we could walk away from people in case I puked.

WINE...The only whine I tasted was my wining the whole 4 miles! Was it fun? Yes. We had fun. It is good like Lacey says to challenge yourself. It is fun to run different courses.  Change it up.
The pain is temporary. Pushing yourself outside your comfort zone really is where the magic happens.
I actually placed 2nd in my AG.
4th in Masters
And the lady said we were top 10 females to cross the finish.
Course time: 00:30:29
Not a PR. But it was a lot of fun, I got drunk on my own wining but recovered well with a great dinner they served. I ran into a lot of runners I know making this race a great social event too!

And at the end I humbly remind myself how good God is. He continues to bless me with these great experiences, a strong body and amazing friends.


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