"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Sunday, July 12, 2015

I took a LEAP!

“Some seek the comfort of their therapist's office, other head to the corner pub and dive into a pint, but I chose running as my therapy.”
― Dean Karnazes,

8 weeks outside of running Bayshore Marathon.
10 weeks out from running Woodstock 50m.
I am BEHIND the gun. I kept going back and forth on running, a lot of time was wasted along with a lot of miles.
Play time is OVER.

Last weeks long run was 15 miles. It might seem like a lot but it is not enough.

For ME, this was my thinking/plan:
  1. History Check: Revisit my 8 weeks of running including the results of my marathon.
  2. Injury Check: access my body and be honest with myself about any injuries. Not a time to pretend like your good when your training for a 50 miler. You better be GOOD or your going to be really BAD! 
  3. Take the Leap! After accessing my history, my body and my training I came to a number: 5 miles. I jumped from last weeks 15 miles to 20 miles for today.
  4. Choose a safe route. Flat and easy.
  5. Run Smart: Easy does it. I ran INTERVALS with a slow to moderate pace.
  6. Be prepared: I drank plenty of fluids, brought nutrition and a good attitude!
  7. Recovery: Training doesn't stop when you turn your Garmin off. I have been drinking water, I had a Juice Plus Complete smoothie with Greek yogurt for extra protein. Stretching and rolling to help my muscles recover.

What happens on a 20 mile run?
Hokas took care of me today.
  1. You enjoy the scenery, I saw deer, peacocks, turkey vultures and beautiful greenery everywhere.
  2. You pee in the fields.
  3. You check behind you at all times, creepers no creeping
  4. You stop to walk because you see black specks and suddenly get very dizzy.
  5. You look for places to get water, mile 5 McDonald's- I put my shirt back  on before entering, I was very insecure of how bad I smelled. Mile 12, I went into Mitchell's nursery: however, it was CLOSED! I was OUT of H2o, the heat was sweltering me. I unlatched the gate and entered. "HELLOOOO" I shouted as I looked for a water spicket. I could only find the old pump that pumps from a well. I walked around but it was deserted, other than hanging plants and flowers everywhere. I pumped the handle and filled my water bottle. It was so refreshing. At Mile 17, I was out of water again. I saw a family cleaning up their garage sale. "MAAM, I am out running and miscalculated my water intake. May I ask you to refill my bottle of water?" Her hubby was very kind and said "Absolutely, I will get you some cold water, would you like some SCOTCH to go in it?" I replied, Thank You, but I for sure will never make it home then!"
  6. You drink that cold water like you are eating Mana from Heaven. I found myself actually laughing and talking out loud the water was so amazing.
  7. Turn off your music. I enjoyed listening to the music of nature.
  8. You wave, smile and say "HI" to people hoping their energy will give you more energy!
  9. You Thank God for your Safety, your Endurance, your Strength.
  10. You begin to believe "I Think this is REALLY going to HAPPEN!"

This is the Vegetable facts, I take both veg and fruit.
Why I choose JUICE PLUS. IT IS NOT A SUPPLEMENT. It has a NUTRITIONAL LABEL not a SUPPLEMENT LABEL. It is real FOOD, Gluten FREE, with NO additives, artificial colors, flavors OR preservatives! If you open the veggie capsules, it literally smells like broccoli, EWE!


Anyone else running an Ultra this Fall? I could use some TIPS!


  1. Epically impressed Anita! I know my own knees would never manage an ultra, but I'm full of respect for anyone who takes one on. Kudos! (Btw - I needed to close one blog and start a new one because my old one got found by a work contact; new URL hereunder)

    1. I will Be following your new account, I will go check it out now. Don't get in trouble!
      Thanks for the encouragement, I am really going to need it!

    2. Sorry - didn't mean to mention the new blog twice (I promise I'm not that needy!) - I forgot I'd done so already :)