"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Monday, June 8, 2015

Not so Competitive

Saturday June 6th, last minute 5k: Wings of Mercy

"Kris, Anita would have kicked our A$$es had she not stopped to help a boy having an asthma attack."

Kathy at the finish shouted. I have never met Kris but Kathy said she knew me, I was her "nemesis". Whatever that means.
I have always thought of myself as competitive, the older I get the more I find I am really not that competitive at all.

It was a last minute 5k run in Linden. The Wings of Mercy. It was a evening run and on the runway of the small airport there.
My goal was to try and stay with Alec. I saw several runners and kids I coach on the runway. It was like a party with all the excitement and familiar faces. It makes a extrovert go bananas!

Alec was pretty confident he was going to PR. I was pretty confident this was going to hurt REALLY BAD! I HATE 5K races. They are not my distance.

As soon as we ran over the starting line I could see a potential problem. Ricky, one of the 6th grade kids I coach took off in a blaze.
I hung back with Alec, in misery.
The first mile, I felt pretty good, or maybe not super bad.
Alec, coached ME!
"Your doing great mom, right on pace."
I wanted to cry listening to him encourage me.
At almost 2 miles, the "Suck Factor" presented itself. Alec was holding a great pace. He was steady at a 7:05 pace.
Alec boldly says "Mom, I am going to go pass Ricky."
Knowing I was not going any faster that 7:05 pace I said, "Go, do YOU Boo".
Alec and I, Kathy M is right behind me, She took first place Female!

Just a few steps behind them, Alec tried to pass Ricky. The two of them went back and forth, but it was too much for little Ricky.
In front of me, he began wheezing. Alec moved forward, while Ricky struggled to catch his breath.

My heart broke. "It's Ok Ricky, relax, breath." I slowed down with him. He actually took a couple seconds to walk. There went my lead.
He was desperately trying to grasp air.
"Ricky, I'm not leaving you. Stay with me. Deep breath, calm down, relax your mind."

I lost my 1st place overall female. But I finished that last mile with Ricky. The medals were so cool. They were hand made airplanes with the medal plaques on them.
Alecs Time: 21:42
My Time: 22:52
I met Jeannette at Hungerford, the ultra I did 2 years ago. Staying in contact, she invited me out to this race. She is a gem.

The last 400 meters, I had a couple guys in front of me. I had a lot of air left. I may not have placed but it felt great to fly fast them, they never saw me coming!

 It also felt good knowing it was more important to stay with Ricky. Nothing else really mattered. The pain of leaving him behind would have been worse than the victory of a medal.

I had several people congratulate me for dropping back to help him. I thought that was so sweet.
"You are really the true champion..." Those words were so kind.

Honestly, I am really just not as competitive as I used to be. I didn't even look up my time until I sat down just now.
I don't know other runners, I don't check out their times and compare them. Maybe, it is because I have had so many injuries. I am just so thankful God continues to heal me and allow me to run. Anything extra is a BONUS!

Distance: 5 miles. Hills
Monday: 8 miles Genesys Athletic Club
Sweating like a stuck pig. Finished with legs and cold plunge.

I am loving Instagram, Pictures tell a thousands stories. nitasliferunning, Follow me.

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