"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

National Runners Day, of Mishaps

I think I may have gotten this day confused with National Mishap Day, Or Maybe National Airhead Day.
If there is no such day, I think I may petition for it.

I had total plans on running today. I thought 10 miles sounded like a great number.
I couldn't even get my coffee made this morning, I have no idea how I managed to inhale oxygen.
I think I went into the kitchen 5 times, back to the alarm pad, then to the back door and around in circles.
I took Sheba, my boxer with me all day. Even over to Maw Maws to clean her house, my Wednesday ritual.
It was cute, Maw Maw called Sheba up on the couch. Sheba is very well trained, way better than my kids. Jumping up, she curled up next to Maw Maw. Maw Maw kept referring Sheba as a HIM.
"Lord Maw maw, Look at those titties, she doesn't have anything hanging! She is a SHE!" It was so sweet to see Maw Maw take to her and laugh.

Another One Bites the DUST:
I quickly laced up my shoes, as soon as my girlfriend Lisa left. It was 1:30. I was going to have to hurry to get 10 miles in.
"WHERE is my IPOD?"
Time was ticking and I couldn't locate it anywhere. It's like my brain, I swear I am always trying to locate it. I texted Andy, he doesn't even take me serious. He just starts flirting with me. I texted my son, nothing.
Time kept ticking.
I took a minute to think, really really think. WOW, that hurt, but then I remembered.
I FOUND my missing Ipod and ear buds, in the bottom of the washer in my sweatshirt.

I have gone through so many Ipods, This one has lasted me the longest, over a year and half!
I always buy the warranty, only this is the first time the warranty was no longer valid!

I lost some miles when I lost time looking for my musical running partner.
It was looking like 7 or 8 miles now.
Hurrying out the door, I grabbed my letters to be mailed and went in the direction of the Post Office. Claudia would be so proud!

It was piping hot at 2 pm running. When I reached home I was just under 7 miles. "I'm good" I said to myself. I decided to run pass my house on the dirt road to get my full 7 in. A quarter mile down the dirt road I felt something hit my legs. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a furry object bolt by me.
It was SHEBA!
I forgot to shut the screen door. My stomach dropped as she pranced in the middle of the dirt road greeting me.
No leash, no collar and a airhead master.

Andy says it all the time to me "Nita, what is it like being YOU? It is so painful to watch!"

It's National Runners DAY, I GOT MY RUN IN!
My dog is safe and happy.
And it only cost me a Ipod!

Did You have any great adventures in RUNNING today?
Bacon Wrapped Asparagus, Tonight's side with meatloaf. It was great. Only 2 pieces for me.


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