"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Monday, June 22, 2015

My Numbers are Down

We were in Florida, from the 14th of June through the 20th. My brother and sister live in Stuart, which is on the East side.
Bobby, my brother lives on the intercostal and has a good size boat.

Most days we were up between 6am and 7. The temps were unforgiving at over 90' every day.

My sister in law, Leeanne is a runner.

Scaling back and scaling down:
Running Schedule looked like this:

**Sunday June 15th: 3.15 miles. 9:40 with Leeanne
Dear Sweet Jesus it was stifling out. It was like running in Hell. I never want to return. I had sweat dripping the first mile. We walked part of the bridge. At we slowed our pace to a walk the sweat doubled up dripping in pools.

**Tuesday Coco Beach: 3.01 : 33:49 minutes

We took a drive up to Coco beach with the boys for the night. Andy wanted to go to NASA. NASA is a total NERD magnet. After being a good WIFEY, I laced up my shoes for another roasting RUN. Running at 7pm didn't make the temps any cooler. I found a park and of course got LOST! It was probably only a .25 mile path in the woods. The darker it got, the more noises I heard. The more noises I heard, the more I panicked. The more I panicked, the less my brain worked, turning me around and around. I literally did the same loop 3 times! I began to think I was going crazy, or crazier. I found myself out and headed to the beach by our hotel. It was beautiful.


Wednesday Coco Beach 3.01 9.03/m

Before the family woke up in the hotel, I took off for an early run. You guessed it, HOT! This was the BEST day. If you follow me on Instagram (Nitasliferunning) you will see the incredible videos I posted of the DOLPHIN! I was taking a running Selphie. I  had been doing this all week to show the beauty of my runs. The sidewalk had ended right at the intercostal waters. I heard a loud splash and nervously looked over my shoulder. There she was a dolphin right up against the side of the sea wall. She stayed there, letting me video her as she posed and played with me!

Saturday Stuart 5.51 9:45/mi
My Longest run before the fun ended. Leeanne met me for this run at 6am. It was a tad bit cooler at 77"!
We ran over the 2 signifigant bridges in Stuart. The Veterans bridge is about a mile long. It was fun!
We bought matching shirts at Stuarts Fleet Feet running store!

Total MILES..14! WOW, the only records I am breaking is for shortest miles, maybe hottest miles too, or sweatiest miles!



1. New Balance Running tank: LOVE, the fabric is all silky and soft. It feels amazing against my skin! It runs longer for those who like their bums covered! I prefer it longer, but rounded edges.
2. Nike Rival running shorts. These are my second pair. Because I LOVE them. Light weight, bright pink, very girly and 2 inch fabric band. These are 4 inch shorts. I love the longer length for my old lady legs.
3. Nathan water bottle. My sister in law Leeanne gave me this in Florida. She pulled it out of her closet with  the tags still on it. Such a girl thing! This is the first water bottle that I have had that I did not have to have to pull up on the nozzle to drink. Another LIKE!!

Back to Michigan!
7.00 8:04/mi
Fathers Day Run. I love running alone because no one cares if you are wearing the same thing TWICE! I said goodbye to Andy. I had my new shirt on, "Nita, why do you smell like perfume?"
"My shirt smelled funky from my run with Leeanne, I didn't want to smell like sweat, so I did a little body spritz on it!"
10.01 8:22/mi
Laughing, as I got more miles in 2 days then I ran in 7 days! I saw multiple dear, flocks of flesh eating turkey vultures and bunnies bouncing in every direction! What I didn't see were any other runners and only 4 cars!''



  1. Lord but I hear you on the humidity. A few years ago I ran along the Mississippi in New Orleans a few times in June. The sweat POURED out of me like something biblical!

    1. HA HA, Stephen, I like that metaphor, something biblical. Where are you from? I have been trying to figure it out?!