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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Giving Gifts..My Thank You

I did my annual Black Friday shopping. I don't get any deals that are anything to write about, however:t I enjoy my special time with my high school friends.  Holly and I have been doing this for about 15 years. We have a lot of fun together.
With Black Friday I was able to get a  fun coupon code from GONE for a RUN .  This sale is going on for 1 WEEK!!
When you check out use the coupon code ANITA10.
If you have not been on this site they have some really fun goodies on here.  MY favorites:
1. Our sleek BibDISPLAY frame is made from high quality acrylic and is specifically designed to draw your eyes attention to just the race bib and not the frame. Each BibDISPLAY frame features a wood backer with both an easel back and a wall hanger option.2. Our exclusive wall hanger featuring our Personalized Rustic Run Name Run design is made from hand-forged steel and features a customized printed wood insert.
3. Ability Motivation Attitude Medal Hook - This GoneForaRUN exclusive Wall Medal Display is made from hand-forged steel and features a customized printed tile.  Showcase one special medal, or stack multiple medals on the hook for easy access. 4. Our runners key fob is made out of lightweight and durable nylon and is accented with a leather embellishment and brass hardware. The nylons flexible webbing allows the key fob to fit comfortably in a pocket.
Send this link to your friends so they can go shopping for you. Or Go shopping for YOURSELF!


1. indoor track,..If there is SNOW. But I gave this one to everyone!
2. Speedwork..It all hurts so bad.
3. Marathon..After running my UIltra I realized I loved this distance.
4. 80 is so nice!
5. Dirt roads. Minus dogs and bears!
6. Others, I love the shadow.
7. Music..Unless with others and that's kinda rude~
8. Pee my pants totally! I have never been in a Port a John racing. Now I have hit the tall grass!
9. Gas..BA ha ha
10. Morning ..Best part of waking up!

Danielle my running partner knows almost all of them but she didn't want me to add her! SO the winner goes to..
Danielle,  Carrie Busy Bee and Rebecca Jo!!
I want to send everyone a little goody for just playing along. As readers to my blog and taking the time to post I want to send out a gift to you. More as a THANK YOU~ Merry Christmas.
Please email me you address : Nitagirl@comcast.net



  1. HeHe! That was fun!! I'm emailing you! Have a great week ahead! Carri~A Running bee

    1. Thanks Carrie, I got your email, I should have it mailed out Tuesday or Wednesday.
      Some fun goodies~