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Friday, November 1, 2013

2 Days until ING NYC! Fancy meeting you here!

Today Andy turned 40!!
I took advantage of my big mouth. When Andy and I boarded the plane this morning at 6 am it was looking like a pretty lousy start  to his birthday.
We needed coffee in the worst way. As we traveled through the airport we found a Caribou Coffee close to out terminal.
After purchasing our coffees we found our gate and took a few minutes to relax. Unfortunately, I spilled my coffee. Andy being the good husband calmly says "Here, hold my phone and I will get you another latte."
I took his phone and set it down next to me. As I looked at the passerby's a woman was trying to get in the aisle. Andy's luggage was blocking the path. Not realizing his coffee was next to the carry on  I heard an all too familiar  "SWOOSH" sound. It was too late, I just spilled his coffee. I quickly grabbed my phone to text him and then heard it ringing next to me! OUCH! I knew I was in trouble!
By the time Andy returned they were boarding our plane and he was very upset!

With Andy in front of me I secretly told the male steward it was his 40th birthday and asked if he could announce some thing!

We headed to the back to our seats. The farther and farther back we moved the closer and closer we were to the toilets! Actually we were right next to them. It was awful.
Andy pulled out his nice card and had birthday favor. "Raphael" our steward kindly whispered something to us and next I new we were right behind first class!
From that point on we were spoiled rotten by him. Andy had so much leg room he didn't know what to do. Raphael continued to spoil us with a bag of goodies, food and even champagne. Which was nice but we don't drink. They even announced Andy's birthday across the airplane. Andy tried to hide but he was easy to spot in that big ole seat!

The Expo was awesome. I love all the people and fun stuff to do and see.

The crazy part about today was we heard from some of our good friends. Turns out they too were in the city!!
We hooked up for lunch with The Cusaks and The Parrys!
What are the odds we would all be in the city without our kids! We had a great lunch together and parted ways!

We came in the hotel for a bit to relax but we are in the The BIG APPLE so we are heading Back out!!!


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  1. Happy Birthday, Andy!
    My 40s have been so much more fun than the 30s - hope you experience the same!