"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Clarkston Backroads 13.1 : Pacing Joan

Me, Javon, Joan, and Heidi

I was not sure how the legs would do come 9:30 am today. Just running NYC Marathon last week my legs have been in recovery for almost a week. Today was Clarkstons 1st Half Marathon: Backroads Half and 10K.
I signed up and planned to run it with Joan. Joan is one of Ariel's Sorority sisters. Knowing I was going to be in the hurt locker weeks ago I decided to pace Joan on her 1ST half Marathon.

On my way down to Clarkston this morning I got all stinking emotional. I just felt so thankful. I was overwhelmed with gratitude. The tears welled up in my eyes as I thought of Ariel. I knew God took her and I was not mad for it.  I found myself overjoyed with the friends of hers that have reached out to me. I was on my way into Clarkston to run this race with 2 of Ariels good friends. I was so grateful that God has encircled me with little pieces of her.  I have no idea why they have loved on me I know it is of God.

Even though the temperature was in the 40's the wind was blowing like a banchee. I found Joan and Javon right away at the school where the shuttles were. After parking my car I also ran into Heidi, one of my running partners. She looked a bit tense. I know that look...She was racing this. She has the best smile ever. But even behind that inviting smile I could see her nerves shining through. As she fumbled between bags and keys I said "Your racing aren't you?"
She confirmed it to be true.
Bill and Amy. 2 of my favorite clients,

There is a total different look one has when preparing to race. You try to maintain a perm-a-grin. But it is a nervous smile. Your insides are a melting pot of emotions. The simplest thing staggers you. You have the ability to loose your watch which is often on your wrist, you forget where you are going even though there are signs everywhere  and you have plenty of time to get there.  Not to mention you question whether you should hit the bathroom 1 more time and what you are doing this for again!
Angie and I

I was not racing. I was going to have fun, encourage others and watch Joan have a victorious race!
I just love encouraging others. I get more out of the camaraderie of the race than I often do when I get a PR.
Ken and Andy

The race was very well organized. The shuttle service they offered was a blessing. Even though it was only about a mile to Depot Park the busses were convenient and warm.
When we got off the busses we headed to the registration tent for Javon.  I have worked in Clarkston for almost 20 years and lived there for 5. I was excited to see familiar faces.
I brought my phone to take pictures because this race was going to be fun.

Joans mom and dad came out to support her. Her mom reminded me of my mom (Andys mom). She was so helpful and encouraging.
With about 10 minutes until the start I saw Heidi again. She looked nervous. This was a great reminder we needed a moment of prayer.
Mustering up courage in my little self I said  "Would you guys like to say a quick prayer before we start?"
It was the most beautiful response one could have asked for. Joan, Javon, her mom and dad, Larissa and her friends, Heidi, and even this man I didn't know asked if he could join us as we gathered hands and prayed.
If I ran today just for this prayer alone it was worth it.
As we let our light shine,
we unconsciously give other people
permission to do the same.
As we are liberated from our own fear,
our presence actually liberates others.
- Marianne Williamson

The National Anthem was beautiful. I always love listening to this before the start.
Michelle's Awesome sign!

Did you eat your bowl of Hills for breakfast? Because if you didn't they were eating you in this race!
I knew the hills were going to be brutal from a race I did with "Bill" a couple years ago : The Angels Place 10K had not escaped my mind today.
Joan started out all smiles.  Of course everyone started out all smiles in the beginning. Many of the runners were laughing and cutting up with one another. I even made the comment "lets all see if we are having this much fun at mile 11!"

The first few miles were on pavement. I asked Joan how she was feeling for those miles and energetically she responded "GOOD!"
I felt good until a whopping mile 2. Then my calves introduced their selves to me. When I saw the pavement coming to an end I wanted to jump for JOY!
I was running in my Hokas and my feet not only felt like I was running on a cloud, they were warm also.
I love running on backroads. It was a little pot holey however the impact was lessened making it more comfortable on my sore muscles.
It was like a running rollercoaster from this point forward! I was loud and proud and Joan was slowly getting quieter and quieter.

My Garmin lost satellite at mile 4. It took 2 miles to get satellite again. Joan was running a sub 10 minute mile and hanging on.

By the time we got to mile 8 I was the only one talking. Joans goal was to run 10min miles. I knew she could run faster than that based on her Crim Race time and her training runs.
The wind blasted us. The run got real serious with 30 mph gusts and hills .
I started passing Joan my stinger chomps. I made sure after we missed our water station at mile 6 we hit every one from there on out. We walked through them finishing our water then back at it running again.
"Your Doing Great JOAN!"
"Today is YOUR Day Joan!"
"I am so Proud of you!! "
 As the wind blew I said "That is God just blowing us kisses."

Joan was not buying that! Have you ever got so tired that everything is annoying..or everyone...
As we approached mile 10 I could tell Joan was over the hills, the wind and I think even me!

The supporters were fun. They enjoyed the high fives and smiles. Even the volunteers at the water station were having fun with the runners.

The last stretch of the race is in a subdivision which is made up of hills designed by Satan.
As you came down one hill another hill peaked making you feel like you had a rubber band around your waist.

We added some walk breaks on the hills along with a lot more prayers!
"A mile and a half" someone yelled.

"Come On JOAN, Dig DEEP your almost done!"

It was the best gift to see the smile on Joans face when the FINISH sign appeared!
Javon, and Joan! Love these two! Javon makes wearing TIGHTS Manly!

Clarkston Backroads was a well organized race. It was not a gravy race. Even for me not racing it I endured a calf muscle flirting with going Charlie Horse for several miles.
Ken K and I

The bling and shirts both aligned up with awesome-ness. The food and goodies at the end were worth the hills. Chili both vegetarian  and  white chicken chili with hot cocoa was a great way to finish and warm up!

Great opportunities to help others seldom come,
but small ones surround us every day.
- Sally Koch

Distance: 13.1
Pace: 9:41
Time: 2:06:43




  1. Nice job! Are you doing the Kona chocolate run next weekend?

    1. Hi Michelle, Holy Errors! I was writing this really fast and reread it just now..Eek.
      Yes, I am doing KONA!! Are YOU?? If so we have got to meet!

    2. Yep, I'm doing the 10k. Let's make plans to meet!!!

    3. FOR SURE!! I have never ran this before, Have you?

  2. No one has - first time for the race. I'll be wearing a red, black and gold tutu haha

    1. LOL..oops. For a first time they have gotten a great response. I thought they had ran this one before from the amount of people going. I think I am going to be wearing my kilt. It is Green. But the weather looks pretty crummy :(

    2. ok we'll look for each other. I'm very tall, likely wearing a winter hat and knee socks over my tights!

  3. SO SO love you did that... I can imagine you being the BEST encourager EVER!!! :)
    "God just blowing us kisses"... I'll remember that on my next windy day :)

    1. Rebbecca Thank you. I was trying to get creative. I am not going to lie though towards the end of the run after like the millionth hill the wind was even worse I began thinking that maybe it was the Devil trying to blow us off our game and steel our victory. But I didn't want to say that. I personally like God Blowing Kisses more!