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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

"Would You Rather?!"

My kids and I always play the game "Would your rather?" The questions are goofy but always thought provoking:
  1. Would you rather have a Zombie Apocalypse or live like Revolution with no power?
  2. Would you rather  sneeze all day or fart all day?
We all laugh at one another's questions and answers. I am such a daydreamer I put great thought into my answers as if they could come true.

Yesterday I was running around the  track over and over again...And I was thinking what I would rather be doing. This simple thought sparked todays fun post idea.

WOULD YOU RATHER???? Fun Running Ramblings!
  1. Would you rather RUN outside in 20 degree weather or RUN around an indoor track or Treadmill? (Yesterday I chose Indoor track!)
  2. Would your RUN hills or Speedwork?
  3. Would you rather Run a 5k or a Half Marathon (racing)?
  4. Would you rather Run in 30 degree weather or 80 degree weather?
  5. Would you rather Run on trails/dirt roads or run on the roads/sidewalk?
  6. Would you rather run with others or run solo?
  7. Would you rather run with music or no music?
  8. Would you rather Pee your pants running or stop and wait for a Port a John?
  9. Would you rather run with a Side Stitch or Gas?
  10. Would you rather run in the morning or in the evening??
I will post my Answers on FRIDAY!!! Whoever gets the most RIGHT I will send a Black Friday Prize too!!! I gave you ONE answer!!! BUT I want to see your Answers too!!
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Tuesday 26-Friday 29th.
Cut paste below:

MINE: Yours:

Distance: 7 Miles Progressive run finishing last mile at 7:09.
Time:56 min
1 mile walk cool down.



  1. MINE: Yours:
    1. You - Indoor Track ... me - same
    2. You - Hills ... me-speedwork (cause it would still be slow) ;)
    3. you - Half Marathon (cause your awesome - me: 5k
    4. you - 80 degree (because you don't like 20 degree) - me - same
    5.you - Roads & sidewalks - how to train for a race! .. me - same
    6.you - Others - me-solo
    7.you - no music.. I see you praying the whole time... me- I need music
    8.you - wait - I'll crack up if you answer pee on yourself! :) ... me - I'll hold it! :)
    9.you - gas... you can let it fly - who cares ... me? same
    10. you - morning - seems like all runners do that... me? I'm a night time person

    1. Rebecca Jo..I am laughing so hard at your response. I can not say to much about your answers as to not give anything away. But I will say your answers are witty and very amusing!

  2. My daughter asks me questions like Would you rather have someone else’s gum stuck in your hair or chew your gum with someone’s hair stuck in? LOL
    Kids are so funny!
    Fun questions!

    1. indoor track
    2. speedwork
    3. half
    4. 80 degree
    5. roads
    6. with others
    7. no music
    8. Stop and wait
    9. gas
    10. morning
    1. run outside 20 degree
    2. hills
    3. 5k
    4. 30 degree
    5. trail/dirt
    6. solo
    7. with music
    8. pee
    9. gas
    10. evening

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Carri~A Running bee

    1. Carri, Thanks for the reply. I enjoy reading what others say about themselves. I want to say more about some of your answers but it might give away to much about mine!
      Have a great Thanksgiving too!
      I cant wait to hear about it.
      Happy Running

  3. Ok, here goes (but just for fun!) (yours first, mine second)
    1. indoor track, outside ;)
    2. speedwork (b/c you are INSANE!), hills (cause I'm a wimp!)
    3. Half-Marathon for both of us
    4.80 you little mexican, I prefer 30
    5.dirt roads for both of us
    6.others, thurs - others ;) otherwise i do like solo
    7. music ; none if running with others - if by myself i like music
    8. if you're racing - you keep running lol!! (or do you just start with a depends?!) ; me i will stop and wait thanks!
    9. gas and gas lol
    10. morning and morning

    too funny. happy Thanksgiving to you and yours ;)