"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Monday, September 23, 2013

Hungerford T minus 5 days

Here is a funny recap to yesterdays post.
I went into Dunkin Donuts this morning after my run and ordered a Egg White Veggie Breakfast sandwich with NO cheese and a medium cup of coffee. My order got all messed up but I just smiled and said "No problem!" I finally got my order and headed to the car to go grocery shopping. I opened up my sandwich and lo and behold it had CHEESE! I chuckled for a second then bit into it.

2nd funny of the day that was actually NOT that funny. I looked like dookie and had no business at the grocery store. I went into Krogers in Clarkston another place I should not have been. I work in Clarkston therefore I am destined to see a client there. Seriously I am so embarrassed I should have taken a better look at myself before I walked in.
I did see 1 client of mine but she was kind and laughed my appearance off.
A few aisles away I was unable to get through the path because of 2 carts blocking the aisle. I recognized one of the ladies as a salon client. I smiled and gently said "I am sorry may I get through here?" She looked at me twice and I could tell she figured out where she knew me. Letting me by her she kept me in eye contact. "I said "Hi, and thank you" confirming we knew one another.
THEN it GOT Awkward...
Her countenance drastically changed as she bluntly responded "Are you OK??" Making sure I had my most healthy smile on hand I quickly replied "YES!" and AGAIN she said "Are you sure your OK?" with a Dr. Phil look of great concern.
"Seriously?" I thought. I knew I looked bad but she looked at me like I was dying.

"Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true." – Leon J. Suenes

Hungerford 50 Miler: T Minus 5 days.
We have a Holly Running Facebook page and I posted on there to see if anyone might want to join me to run today. "Jessica" jumped on board with me. I wanted to do between 5-7 miles however "Jessica" is tapering for her first half marathon, The Brooksie Way this Sunday.
It is so exciting to see how well she has done. It was just a year ago she was touching her foot at the base of running. She was feeling discouraged and even said "Anita, I just don't think I have the mental strength to run." Now she is out there encouraging others.
I ran the first 3 miles alone before she arrived. The leaves are changing and the air is brisk and chilly. The sun was bright and all the elements circled all around me perfection. There was no way that I was giving this run away. I was all in.
And it felt oh so good.
I met back with "Jessica" and her pooch and we brought it down. Nice and easy run. Almost 4 miles. We chatted, laughed and Ran!

I am bringing this down even more this week.
A few thoughts on Running my first Ultra.
  1. What if I see a bear, cougar, MT lion or any other crazy flesh eating animal? The first loop of the Ultra I have to do solo but the second loop allows you to have pacers. I was thinking about anointing the other runners with bacon grease so they will be better bait!
  2. I want to wear my headphones the first loop but I am scared I wont hear the wild animals pursuing me!
  3. What if I get LOST?? I came out of the womb lost. Remember Carrolton where I turned a half marathon into almost 16 miles because I got so lost. I have countless runs that I have gotten lost in my own neighborhood. When I get tired the only thing I can count on are my legs because my brains turn OFF.
  4. What if I get such bad blisters that I can't walk? should I have a extra pair of socks? Shoes? Legs??
  5. And my Garmin. UGH. I like the Garmin 10 but it only holds a charge for 5 hours. My other Garmin holds a charge forever but the blisters on my wrist seem to stay forever as well.  
I have other little thoughts like what I am going to wear, should I bring my own water like I have been, how long do I stay at the aid stations, and should I hit every head station?

I am bound and determined to finish this. Last night Andy asked me what trait I wanted the boys to share that he had and in return he said "I want the boys to have your mental fortitude. Of course that has been a blessing and a cursing!"

I am in need of prayers. I am asking readers for prayer, I know that I can only do this with Christ. He is my personal trainer. He is my Coach. He is my Strength. I Pray I feel his presence to carry me the distance. I pray he keeps my footing safe, my body healthy, my mind clear and uses me to Glorify him.

"The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible." – Arthur C. Clarke -



  1. Try slathering your feet / wrists with Vaseline to prevent chafing or blisters.

    You're going to do great! I have no doubt of your ability to finish, and probably with a faster pace than most ppl can run a half :D

    1. Ahh Michelle, Great Idea with the blisters. I am definitely going to do that.
      I am Hoping to finish it! Decently would be nice thought, Thank you~

  2. Anita, I will be praying for you. Exactly when is your race? (so I'll know when to pray!)

    1. Thank You Flaming June. My ultra is THIS Saturday at dawn. I am so grateful for your prayers!

  3. Love it! You're gonna do great! God has put this race under your feet and He will be providing the strength for you to finish it. You dream big because He wants you to experience His strength in the things that seem impossible. Go get it sister!!!!!!!
    -Jess D.