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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

California, Day 4- And Homeward Bound Wednesday

Christa showing her guns!!

California, Day 4- And Homeward Bound Wednesday
I was copy catting!

California, Day 4- And Homeward Bound Wednesday
My new running buddy was going to sleep in but "Christa" hearing me get ready couldn't keep her feet in the sheets! Hearing me get ready gave her  the itch, taking her feet from the bed to the running shoes. And the running shoes were not the "Pumas" she had purchased the day before, those now were long gone never to return. Christa found someone to purchase her "Pumas" that left her with knee pain and blisters!
Another fabulous morning. Even better than the previous ones. We headed to Ocean Blvd and headed north. Staying on the running path at 5:30 in the morning was vacant and serene. We decided to stay focused only to take a couple pictures  and keep our head in the game. 5 minutes running 1 minute walking. If we took a picture that was our minute.
After running we did some core work
We ran north and turned around where the road took a steep decline around a curve. The curve and hill looked pretty intimidating so we headed back towards the Santa Monica Pier.
Our Running Goals were: 
5 miles, playing on the rings at Santa Monica Pier, Core work and top the work out off at Starbucks.

All accomplished. Back at the hotel the crew was stirring and all heading out. I took this opportunity to get a few minutes of quiet time. To get in my head and reconnect to myself. It was a time to embrace me. To find security in Who I AM. This whole trip has been great. But I have been quite out of my Box. It was time to find peace and comfort in knowing I do not have to be blown with the wind. I can be confident in being different because different isn't wrong. Different is self control and self preservation. For me different is loving and not compromising who I am because I love others but I love myself also. Being different is not being judgemental but being compassionate. And this was a time to recollect those thoughts.

Our Beach View!
"It is not enough to stare up the steps, we must step up the stairs"  Vaclaw Havel

Stairway to PAIN!!

The Glitz girls started heading into the room about 11am and we all decided to hit the beach.  This was the prettiest day yet. The sand was hot and the ocean was freezing. What a contrast. I was a trooper and tip toed into the water. Little by little I edged farther until that one BIG wave came and it was all over. I got a mouth full of salt water, mascara stinging in  my eyes and quickly repositioning my bathing suit. Brrr. I could feel my whole body turn into chicken skin, my goose bumps were so big they made my skin look mutated.So I just decide to play harder and maybe I would warm up. The waves were larger than the Florida waves I had just visited a few weeks ago and would pull me out and push me back.  I couldn't help remind myself that this WAS Shark Week on discovery channel every time a wave would erupt larger than me. The girls wanted to go out farther and I was too intimidated by my current position and height  the waves were producing so I stayed put. The girls were making fun of my fear for sharks saying " Anita, what do you think because it is Shark Week they are only going to appear now?"  HA HA..Maybe..I thought...Then I felt the Pacific grab me, pull me out only to be intercepted by an aggressive way that knocked me down.  I guess this wave didn't like to travel alone because his friend came charging right after. I couldn't figure out which way was up and was getting tangled in see weed. Finally resurfacing making sure everything was still attached and properly positioned I decide I had been abused enough. Time to head back to the sand where it was safe.
Almost the whole Glitz bunch came to the beach. There were over 15 of us. We had dug ourselves holes in the sand making our own beach chairs. I hung out with them till about 4pm.  I was good, water logged and feeling the burn, I tapped out and headed back to the hotel alone.

I got a last minute brain fart," I think I will run again!"  Hurrying back, I changed my clothes and decided to do another 5 miles. 
As I was crossing Ocean Blvd I was fiddling with my ipod and looked up only to see a hand full of familiar faces. They must have noticed me first because some of the Glitz girls were looking at me like I was crazy. Even saying things like " Oh my....."  and "Was that Anita?" I probably appeared nuts to those who knew I had already ran and just left the beach after 4 hours. It was so hard to keep the horses in when all of Santa Monica seemed like they were running or biking. I couldn't see myself anywhere else. I loved to see so many people exercising. To me "crazy" would have been not taking full advantage of it.
A little over 5 miles and feeling it. It was time to shower again. Sweat, salt and sunblock, nasty mix on the skin.
The night ended with a late dinner in Malibu. Fish tacos and a Wedge Salad, what a weird combination. but so delicious.
Part of my view running.

Everything packed, charged and layed out.
I went back and forth on whether or not to run before we headed to the Airport. I decided to give California a Running Farewell.  Leaving solo at 5:25, I headed north to leave my last 3 miles in Santa Monica.
I arrived at Starbucks before they had opened at 6. This Skinny Vanilla Latte had turned into a runners medal for me. My trophy of achievement.
Heading home now I am on the airplane. Somewhere above Nebraska. Where there are bad storms! About 2 more hours to go.  I am sore and tired. I look forward to seeing my family. Separating from my husband is always hard.  It is hard for both of us. There is more security being together.


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