"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Monday, March 27, 2017

Dowtown Holly: I Run this Town~

"Good energy come follow me....
Ooh feels so alive, ooh thats what I like....
Yeah we're all about a good life....."

I may have replayed this song 3 times on my 7 mile run.
Music is mostly about the beat for me. So please do not judge me from my secular music selection!
This song plastered a smile on my face and motivated my legs to move with momentum.

Todays run was SOLO. Except for the party in my head, where all the good music was entering from my ear buds.
With this marathon coming just weeks AWAY, one of the many things I have NOT been training is PAVEMENT POUNDING.

I changed my routine a bit..I ran at 3:30pm.
And it was so hard to even get started. I was on the struggle bus today. Every hour I kept wondering if I was going to "FEEL" like running.
Pretty sure even when I headed down E. Holly rd. I still was not "Feeling" it.
That's training. You can't go on "FEELING".  You have to go on "Doing".

I have lived in Holly for over 17 years. It is a small community. And even though I am a small person I am a BIG personality.
I love people. I am LOUD, some might even say obnoxious at times. A little bit nutty and a little bit out of the box for a 43 year old conservative mom.

This being said, I know a lot of people. Running through Holly in the afternoon was a blast.
My first mile, Erin and her daughter slowed their pretty white truck to share smiles and encouragement my way. I heard honks and waves from parents I have coached, I even ran into my favorite old neighbor, Amy. I had to stop my watch so I could rub my sweaty body all over her...In LOVE! I think I even wrapped my leg around her I was so excited, like a DOG!
With all that excitement I was so proud of myself, I remembered to start my watch back up.

It was hard to crank my legs over again, lucky me I had Erin Bowman blasting in my ears to put some pep in my step.

I made it about a mile, when Marie stopped her truck to chat with me for a few minutes.
She greeted me with smiles but I left with tears. She shared a burden with me that really pulled on my heart strings. I took that mile in prayer then cranked my music back up trying to maintain my pace. And this time...I forgot to start my watch back up! I lost about 2/10 of a mile before I noticed my routine airhead move.

I forgot how much I love running through town. Thank you for the smiles, the waves and the honks!
Thank you for making room for this pipsqueak on the road. Everyone was courteous and very kind. It was such a fun run. Don't get me wrong, I was still breathing heavy and my lungs were burning, but even that felt good in a weird way.

Distance: 7.2

"Someone got a goody in the mail today!! I ordered this sports bra on Poshmark, NWT.
It could probably fit a Barbie doll it is so small, that is why I think I great such a great deal on it. $17 dollars on a 49$ sportbra!
LOVE it!

In Closing: The weather is getting warmer, its getting less intentional to find a smile and share on. I encourage you to SMILE more. Running today I smiled a lot. I was pleased to see so many people outside. As I ran I made my way through 3 little boys on the sidewalk. They looked at me with curiosity. I brought my hands down and got little "High Fives" from them. They were smiling and laughing as I passed.
Smile, it can really make someone's day! It made Mine!



This tea actually has a bit of honey and milk in it. But I added some more honey and sweet cream. It was SOO amazing tonight.

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