"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Running on Vacation

My son graduates this June. It was just yesterday I was reading books to him on my lap and on my knees praying with him.

We took him and a friend on a cruise to Jamaica and Grand Caymen.  
Glass City marathon is in 2 weeks. I am not tapering enough to NOT run.

We flew into Miami Friday the 31st.
But dang did we see a lot of bootie in Miami. My boys were cultured real quick on South Beach!

Saturday April 1st.
4miles: TM progressive run.
I got up before the boys woke and headed to the gym. I wanted to run in the city, however, our hotel was right smack in the middle of highway madness.
Cruise ship deported this evening.
Cruise ship, 1st night.

Sunday April 2nd.
7 miles
Cruise Ship Track. It was bad enough that it is "approximately" 11 laps to make 1 MILE! But to make the circular event even more gruesome lets add a head wind from the bad place!

Monday April 3rd
Cruise Ship Track. I met "Smiley", Ronald. He smiled at me every lap I saw him, that would be 33 times if you are struggling with the math. It appeared he had symptoms of a stroke. He was a 6 foot African American gentlemen with the warmest smile. He walked with a limp, he had thicker glasses on and his left hand was paralyzed but he was there before me and he was still walking after me!

Tuesday April 4th

Cruise Ship Track. My body was wanting to move at 5 every morning. Even though I slept like a baby once I was up, I was UP. It was darker than a starless night on the top of the cruise ship. And hotter than Haiti's. Every morning it was over 80' starting out on my runs. I ran in a sports bra with sweat dripping within the first few laps. This was a beautiful run. Every mile I took a snapshot to see the sunrise. One of the biggest reasons I ran so early was to catch the sunrise every morning.

Wednesday April 5th
4.5 miles
Cruise Ship Track. Day at Sea. My GPS was useless on the track. I can not run, count and add, therefore I ran by time and estimated my runs. I did a conservative estimate on my runs.

Thursday April 6th
4 miles
Back in Miami. This was a really cool run. As the sun was slowly coming up I could see the lights in Miami gradually getting larger and brighter. It was sad to know I would be getting off the ship shortly, nevertheless, it was a perfect way to end my trip. Just as I was finishing up this Wind picked up out of NO WHERE. It was so strong I literally took a step backwards. The flags on the pole were going crazy. I started giggling. It was hilarious. Then I got tickled watching people come up the stairs to walk/run and almost get knocked back down.

TOTAL Vacation Miles:
27.5 miles.
Good enough for a tapering week.
Sand in my toes!

As far as DIET. I ate food I wouldn't normally eat but I never over ate or over indulged. I take my training serious when it comes to eating. You are what you eat. If you can't be disciplined in your diet, how are you going to be disciplined in your training? Yes, I enjoyed dessert, but not 3 pieces. Yes, I enjoyed thin crust pizza, but just a slice, or two..It was thin crust! Breakfast, I always started out with fruit and coffee then I would eat some eggs, a little potato's, or a slice of bacon, yogurt or banana bread.
Frog Legs, Escargot, Popcorn bread pudding...ect..

Add Saturdays run with Lacey another 4 miles and smiles!

Back to reality. 2 weeks out for Glass City.

Evening Tea: Tazo Wild Sweet Orange.


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