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Thursday, January 14, 2016

My Big Goofy Challenge 2016 Recap

LODGING: My brother,sister in law and I stayed on Disney grounds at Port Orleans.
I was running this race with my Sister in Law, Leeanne. Leeannes Goal: 2:10. This worked great for me also to keep me scaled back before my Marathon on Sunday.

My BIGGEST PRERACE blunder was not submitting my documentation for my marathon time.
The RESULT: LAST CORRAL for BOTH RACES! This was the FIRST reminder that this was a FUN RUN!
ALARM: 2:30 am
ARRIVED at Disney with smiles and excitement. Disney really is where dreams come true. It was seriously like you entered Never Never land. NEVER again would I see so many people smiling as they were about to run 13.1 miles. ONLY DISNEY could make you smile and not Puke or Poop your pants!
With over an hour before we ran, Leeanne and I headed to the lines to get out picture taking with the characters. Wouldn't you know, I dropped my phone face down one the asphalt, CRACK! Everyone around us just stared at the phone. My phone was shattered! "OH Well, We were in Disney, smile and move on!"
It was like playing Frogger, trying to navigate between interval runners, walkers, and in exuberant  amount of Disney Half Marathoners, 21,000!
We ran, stopped, bobbed, weaved, tripped, and just ran smack into people!
The ONE thing you have to remember is "IT IS DISNEY". This was a FUN RUN! Not to get bent out of shape when someone spit lugeys on you or when walkers hung out in their posse 3 people across.
I just cheered and laughed more. I was cutting up with the crowds and the runners. I threw my hands up in defeat of having a smooth run with even splits. Each mile was unpredictable when trying to maintain a pace.
Leeanne and I took turns in the lead. When I hyped the spectators I would just wave my hand  for her to go ahead. I tried to regain the lead so I could attempt to pace her.
At Mile 10 Leeanne was tuckering out. It was all the dancing around runners that put a toll on you. We had already added almost a half a mile. You couldn't cut the corners tight and you were forced to run on the grass.
People were beginning to get sweaty and smelly. At one point I yelled "TO THE GUY WEARING COLOGNE, THANK YOU, YOU SMELL AWESOME!" I wanted to run behind him all the way in!
I asked Leeanne if she had taken any nutrition, she wasn't. I was feeding her beans and grabbing her water.
I heard a guy talking to her about me. She was telling him how great I was. My heart was full. "Awe Shucks!"
2 miles to go and we had a couple good size hills to conquer. "I'm done!" Leeanne winced. I responded, "You want some beans?"
"NO" she said very matter of fact.
"Leeanne, I will kick your A$$ if you quit on me at this point!"
Leanne actually stayed with me, we picked it up the best we could.
The Finish crowds were ROARING. I looked to the left and found BOBBY! My brother! I smiled and showed Leeanne.
Looking at the Finish we ran TOGETHER with our Hands up and all SMILES!

Bob asked how they would find me for the Marathon. Leeanne  laughed "OH YOU'LL HEAR HER!"
FINISH TIME: 2:11:45
OVERALL PLACE: 3499- I'm NOT kidding you when I tell you we passed Hundreds of runners.



I took a lot of noise from my running friends about running in a custume. Mostly from MEN, Andy, Jeff, Bill and even after I ran from Matt.

One is not too old to still be able to run in a MINNIE SKIRT. I would never wear a mini skirt at this point in my life..Unless you add polka dots and tulle!  I have to say Lacey did a fabulous job. I actually felt sexy running in it. There is nothing SEXY about running.
The same digits for the Half marathon held true for the FULL Marathon.
From the moment I got on the shuttle I was making friends. I was actually sitting next to this guy from Canton Michigan!
When we got into the Disney gathering area we separated. I had to use the Port a johns. This lady stood in line behind me and feeling sorry for my shivering body offered me a garbage bag to block the wind. I was so grateful.
I took it off only briefly to get some pictures with the characters before taking the 15 minute walk to my CORRAL...THE LAST CORRAL!
Getting gutsy I decided to jump the gate and get into the "O" corral rather then the "P" one. Real brave! lol
It was 69 degrees with 100% HUMIDITY. I was no longer wearing my garbage bag.
"You look TOO nice to be running!"
I looked around for who said it. Not totally understanding what she meant I said "OH! You look really nice to be running too!" A few people started laughing and asking if they too looked like nice people!
What she meant was my outfit looked too nice to RUN IN!
With almost an hour to wait I sat down on the asphalt and the two gals sat down with me. Jen and Stacey. I know this now because as we sat I professed Christ and somehow told them I had a blog. They located me this week, saying how God led them to me. It was no mistake I jumped that corral. God uses you where ever you are. I have said it before and I will say it again. YOU ARE A WALKING BILLBOARD. What are you advertising about yourself?

Our Corral was next to go when the announcers said "How many of you are first time marathoners?" I swear it seemed like the ENTIRE CORRAL went crazy!
"OH JEESH, I am never going to get going!"
The announcers also said "HEY, REMEMBER, when you are wanting to quit or are in pain, SMILE it will make it all go away!"
I thought "HMM, I think I will try that!


I tried, REALLY tried to get an even pace going. I passed HUNDREDS of people. I passed a blind runner, 2 runners in BOOTS..from a broken foot, 2 Veterans carrying flags, the 5:30 pacing team, a wheeler and 2 runners with prosthetic legs.
I ran through the CASTLE, which I hadn't done with Leeanne, it was so conjested to had to walk through it.
I also took a lot of pictures, chatted with runners, hyped the crowds, and had fun!
One other thing I took..My Tank top off at mile 3! I was sweating, eveyrone was sweating. I was desperately trying to NOT touch anyone or have anyone touch me, sweat is NASTY!
I stopped for a picture at "The TREE of LIFE." It was here that I noticed a text from LEEANNE. "We are at mile 12." I was pouting, with my tank in my hand, I missed them. But as I was coming to 13 I saw them! I was so happy to see my very own "TEAM HARLESS" there cheering me on. They both had the biggest smiles. I was sweating so bad I didn't want to touch them, I threw them my shirt and smiled for a picture, I was SOO HAPPY!
TIME: 2:06

My body really wasn't hurting, It just wanted to get into a rythym. All the stop and going makes your body want to stay in pause. It is really hard to get moving.

I was getting into a good group of runners, allowing me to run more predictable. I was still passing runners. It makes you feel like a beast when you are passing swarms of runners. I would keep trying to pick a guy and stay with him but then I found myself passing him.
I got to run through ESPN's Wide World of Sports, this included running on the baseball diamonds and running on the track!
I also got to run through Animal Kingdom where they had some of the animals out.
I saw several charcters with lines to get pictures with them.
The closer to mile 22 the shorter the lines. I wanted a picture with Mickey but never saw him or did I?
I was starting to loose it.
I was beginning to get confused. The wind picked up giving me a break from the humidity. The weather had taken its toll as I saw the ambulance making its way to a runner. I prayed for them.
The hydration stations slowed me down, but I didn't miss one. I was even drinking Gatorade. I wasn't thirsty or cramping but I wasn't going to chance it either.
My body was strong but I just couldn't get my pace up, as soon as I found my groove we had multiple curves with swarms of people walking. The last 4 miles, runners were burning out. The humidity, the curves, the hills, I just kept passing people. I so badly wanted to break 4 hours. I passed runners that I couldn't catch up too just a couple miles back.
At mile 24,  I knew I was going to be close but not close enough.
I actually skipped that water station to try and pick it up.
I saw a couple guys who had passed me, they saw me pass them as they picked it up. I looked at the guy next to me who did NOT want me to pass him and said "TAKE IT IN! GO!"
He took off like it was the FINISH LINE. Needless to say I passed him at mile 25.
I couldn't believe how my body had held up so good as I saw the FINISH LINE. I WAS SO GRATEFUL.
Here I was finish a marathon where DREAMS COME true. I remembered as I crossed the FINISH LINE, This was once a DREAM, To run the half marathon and the full Marathon. Now It was a DREAM COME TRUE.

TIME: 4:04:28
OverALL Place:1276
Div Place:42
Females runners: 10315
Male Runners: 9523
Monday: 3 hour drive to Airport, arrived early, great flight, made another dozen friends and even watched some guys bags while he went to the bathroom. What was I thinking. I gave my seat to a dad and a daughter, stored this ladies bags under my seat, and shared my food with the guy in front of me. I think I need help. CODEPENDENT to say the least.
Tuesday : WORK, Sons Basketball
Wednesday: Genesys, Ran 2 miles, Legs, Abs
Thursday: CLEANED house..My poor house took a HIT this pass week. Ran 4.5 miles outside and it was AWESOME!!

RUN DISNEY! I would totally do that again. Michelle Bemis  it the WINNER guessing CLOSEST to my TIME! She knew from EXPERIENCE how I would run! WTG GIRL!

I am posting this and adding pictures tonight.

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