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Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Magic isnt GONE YET!

When the magic is gone. Is that to be confused with "When the Romance is gone?"
My magical weekend of running through Disney may be a distant memory, however, I still think I have some romance left in me.

It is hard to go from palm trees to pine trees and 12 degrees.
It is hard to find that loving feeling when your face is getting ripped off by wind gusts carrying tiny slivers of snow and ice.
It is hard to fall in love with 4 layers of clothing and running tights that make you look like a hooker.

But when you are running next to your running partner catching up on life, laughing through your mid-life chaos your winter annoyances begin to dissolve.
The love flares up again.
You begin training for your next big adventure.
The spark is there.
Your flame is still lit.

Running is like everything else in life, if you don't entertain it, romance it, keep it exciting, the flame burns out.
You gotta stoke the flames to keep the passion burning!

Distance: 4.29

I ran with Lacey. I was so uncomfortable running in all my layers. That only lasted for about a half a mile! I didn't notice the bulges anymore only the warmth and protection from the January chill.  My running tights were so tight, also resting on my waist, a major issues for me, I thought my guts were going to squeeze out. (Slightly exaggerating) I felt like Olivia Newton John in her HOT PANTS from Grease. I wear these particular ones because they are made for sub 0 temps. Lacey was running behind me and even laughed "THOSE are SOO TIGHT!"
I laughed thinking, I wouldn't want to stand at the street corner too long in these, best to KEEP RUNNING.

The DISNEY EXPO was AWESOME! Bring lots of MONEY if you are going. The average shirt costs 35$, Disney Stickers are 8$! They had running shoes for over 200$!
Needless to say, I enjoyed my shirts I received for racing, I didn't purchase anymore. The best $$ I spent at the expo was on  CAPS for my Nathan hand held bottle, $7. The BEST water bottle in the world, my sister in law gave me. My Favorite, it was like hitting the power ball for me. (Ok, another slight exaggeration)
BUT the BIGGER gift was waiting at home for me. NEW TRAIL Running SHOES! I had been doing some investigating for months. I read several reviews on the Pearl Izumi. I normally run in HOKAS but you know us girls and our shoes, more more more!

The bummer is, it is like having a piece of chocolate cake in front of you and being told "YOU CAN'T EAT THAT!" I have wait for a trail run to try them out.

Souvenirs and Tips for Running Disney: This is a special section for Dawn M. and her running Posse going to Disney next month for The Princess Half! Have Fun Ladies!
  1. Packing MORE is NOT better. I only packed a Carry on. I NEVER wore the 4 pairs of shorts or the 2 bikinis! You will want the extra space for souvenirs!
  2. READ the DISNEY BROUCHURE! ALL of it. They have coupons and discounts for runners inside you can use after your run at the shops in Downtown Disney.
  3. DON'T TRUST the WEATHER, it seriously changed a gazillion times. I was prepared for 80' weather. I panicked so bad I bought a 15$ bottle of HAMMER ENDUROLYTES EXTREME to help replace electrolytes. Florida weather then went to storms, where I purchased a hat at the expo to keep the rain out of my eyes. It NEVER RAINED let alone stormed and the high was 70! Be prepared but don't trust the weather until the night before.
  4. Get to bed early, 2:30am comes EARLY!
  5. Bring food with you if you are catching the Disney shuttle. You will have time to eat it. One lady actually gave me a bag of Sport Beans because she brought so much with her.
  6. DRINK WATER, bring it with you, you will have PLENTY of time to use the bathroom.
  7. If you are running with your phone remember to keep you LIGHT WAY down.  This saves your battery for when you want that EPIC picture with a Character or you see a great poster or costume. I had so much fun taking pictures the whole race. Also bring a rain poncho or a garbage bag in case it rains while your in your corral.  
  8. BRING Ziplock bags to protect your phone incase it rains.
  9. Bring garbage bags to keep you insulated in the morning, it can be as low as 50'. Also bring a towel to sit on during your wait in your corral. If you were like me and forgot to submit your time and end up on the last corral you have an HOUR to wait. Save your legs.
  10. BRING your SMILE. CHILL out, its a FUN RUN. Have FUN, Give some HIGH FIVES, and don't be so serious about your time as you should be about having some SERIOUS FUN!

My training for my spring races has begun. NO pause, no breaks. Disney was my Official start for training.
I will share my thoughts on Spring Races Tomorrow. I am shutting down to play some mindless games of Word with Friends and Hearts. Night~

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