"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Sunday, January 24, 2016

2 MILE BONUS!! AIRHEAD move #3645

I stepped out of my box Saturday and sent Lacey a text to see if she wanted to run when I got of work.
The last time I ran on a Saturday after work was a run on the Polly Ann trail with Lacey.  My legs were swollen after being on my feet for two days making our 19 mile run torturous.

I didn't even look at my legs when I slipped out of my heels. I didn't have time to look, I got home at 4:10 and Lacey was going to be over at 4:30. I was still layering up when she arrived, early! We both struggle with a little ADD, I was struggling focusing with her chatting in my ear and me trying to remember what I was wearing.  I think we got out of the house closer to 4:45.
We just needed to get a few miles in.
I told Lacey how I was pacing JOAN for her first marathon at the Martian, but if I didn't kick my training up SHE was going to be pacing me!
4 miles. It was great. The first 2 were slow, the 2nd two were sub 8 and hilly. We both knew we needed to hurt a little. It was a welcomed burn. I was very grateful to Lacey for pushing me and running with me. As we came up the last hill to my house Lacey says "COME ON, All the way to the sign!" And we punched it into gear.

I know I need to add miles and add another day. My training plan requires me running 6 days a week. I am not sure I can make that happen and NOT have my family trade me in for a new model.
I can manage 5 day though.
"..you will need to commit to at least 5 days of consistent training for a minimum of 14 weeks."

SUNDAY. Sundays have really become my "Long Run with Lacey Day" now for a while. I look forward to this day. It is the only day that Lacey can really treat herself to, making this a treat for me too.
I ran over 2 miles to her house and together we ran over 11. I thought I only ran 14 miles today, but after looking at my Garmin I had a 2 mile BONUS. I clearly can't think and run. I ran 16 miles today and felt awesome. I have NO idea how I miscalculated 2 miles, other than me just being an airhead.
The last 2 miles my training program has me actually running at a threshold pace. I was able to run them at a sub 8 through hills with pure JOY!

It is the greatest feeling in the world when you think "HOW THE HECK I AM GOING TO DO THAT."
I know I just have to get reunited with the burn, the burning lungs, the burning legs, the burn that drives you past mediocre.
Intensity. I have to WANT it so bad that the temporary pain is nothing compared the Glory of going not TO pain but THROUGH the pain to the passion. The passion that achieves goals, dreams and that puts you beyond your comfort zone.

I am closing out my week with only 31 miles. But I am happy with them all.
I did over 500 crunches this week. My butt scab finally fell off!

I am Grateful for every mile God has given me.

Pace: 8:58
Time: 2:23
Great run with Lacey, Over heated, dropped a layer off at Laceys. Ran with no water or nutrition. NOT real brilliant.


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