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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Give up Give up

I BEAT my ODDS! As I put my "LUCKY SOCKS" This morning we had a great laugh noticing I had 2 right socks that said "GIVE UP" rather than 1 NEVER and 1 GIVE UP.
Leeanne quickly said "That's an OMEN, you cant wear those!"
I was bound to OVER COME THE ODDS that had me quitting!
So excited to pass the 3 HOUR Half Marathoners.

Leeannne and I were in the last corral starting an hour after the first corral. We started so late that the FINISHERS were coming in as we were beginning!

I am tuckered out and need to get up at 2:30am. I don't have much energy to type so I will share in PICTURES.

SO FUN! The  Chipendales

no idea who he was but there was NO line!
 So other than not being able to maintain a pace due to the 19,000 runners our time was 2:11;46.  I was trying to keep her pace at a 9:30 pace but under the conditions Leeanne was not real happy.
NOTEL DISNEY is NOT a Race to TAKE serious! 

I feel pretty GOOD. Lets see How tomorrow GOES!  I am Hoping for a sub 4! Remember that if your looking for some Disney Souvenirs take a GUESS at my Marathon TIME!

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