"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Thursday, September 10, 2015

WOODSTOCK T-2 days Final preps

"Anita, are you nervous?"
"Well, you have run 50 miles before."
"So, are you ready?

The top three questions/statements I have heard the last couple weeks.

AM I NERVOUS? AHH YEAH!! Its 50 miles in trails!
I remember giving birth to my second child. I was still as nervous as the first time. I knew the end result but it was getting from point A to point B!
Every race is different. Its 50 miles of trails, different trails, different scenery, different runners and I am a different runner, a different age and a different kind of NERVOUS!

Am I READY? Yes. I am. Its a barrage of emotions. The rollercoaster thing. 

  • I packed my bags today.
  • I got my massage.
  • I went to work to get waxed so I could be more aerodynamic! My eyebrows are arched to perfection, thank you ANGIE! I figured that if I look like death at least I wont have a mustache or a uni-brow!
  • My playlist is complete! I don't think I have 9,10 hours of running music, I just need anything playing louder than my mind begging me to quit!
  • My sister in Law, Kim is taking my baby girl, Sheba.

I only have 4 misfortunes and they are mostly going to work out.
  1. My Garmin isn't charging, But Andy has a way better Garmin, I will be taking his!
  2. I can not find my running pouch, AKA fanny pack! Jama has one she is going to loan me.
  3. My nerves trashed my face, I look like I am 15 years old with acne. I need zit cream and Botox! Great combination!
Well, we are at 2 days. My heart is doing a double tap. I have a cheesy perm-a-grin on my face. And I feel like I could cry with excitement and nerves. Its tough being a girl!

I am going to PLAY CLOSEST to the HOLE! Woodstock has some groovy shopping available! I will purchase some goodies! SHARE your time you think I will complete 50 miles! Not time of day, hours and minutes I will be running! If you follow my blog you may have a little heads up by knowing the time of my last 50 mile race.


I will try to check in tomorrow, If you follow me at Running against the Odds FB or Instagram at nitasliferunning I will be sharing my Woodstock adventure!

Please Remember me in YOU prayers!



  1. You're going to do amazing!!!! No idea about your time, but I'd say within the top 5 of all women!
    My watch gets finicky too. Here is what helps mine:
    Clean the silver attachment points with rubbing alcohol, then connect the watch to the charger (preferably the wall instead of computer) and let it display the "charging" screen. Then hold down the light button for about 10 seconds. It did some sort of reset and came back to life, then leave charging for a few hours.

    1. It went from bad to worse. Trying to clean it...The band broke! On a good note..I have Andys watch now..or more like FOR NOW!

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  3. Luke 2:19. Mary took the time to ponder and treasure all the amazing things that God was doing behind her, in front of her, within her..... Praying that you can do the same during your amazing journey, my little sister. Wishing I had the legs to run with you; I'll run vicariously through you! And by the way, I'll guess you to finish in 9:13. God bless!