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Monday, September 7, 2015

I Missed the Memo

I ran 3 easy miles at Sorenson Park yesterday. The hardest part of the run was running from the creepy noises on the trails. At some point the leaves rustled to my right. It startled me enough to make me jump in the air. When I turned my head to see what was lurking in the tall grass, I swear it was a anaconda! I put a little pep in my step to get out of his path before he swallowed me whole. I was jittery the whole 3 miles that  I kept looking behind me. I had myself convinced that some weirdo was following me.  Between the noises, the moving grasses and my paranoia I found myself laughing out loud at the biggest weirdo out there, ME.

This morning I met Claudia and Erin for another easy trail run. We were not the only ones at Holdridge. Both the girls had hand held water containers. This sparked my curiosity. With this being taper week I was wondering how many miles they were wanting to do.
"Claudia,  How many miles were you thinking?"
"I was thinking maybe 10 easy."
I swallowed hard "Ahh, this is taper week.."
Claudia looked confused "So what does your taper look like compared to mine?"
I replied "I was thinking like 5 or 6.."
You could tell she was not thinking those same digits. We went back and forth. I was actually trying to convince her less was more. It was not fun being the barer of bad news but it was fun seeing her so excited to want to run the mileage.
I loved Claudia's reply, Erin and I were cracking up "Well, what about like 6, 8 or 10..."

For the LOVE of running this girl has the BUG! Claudia is loving the trails. Today, was Erins first run out at Holdridge with us. I think Erin is sucked in as well.
We stayed upright. I was super proud of myself for not falling on my face! We did however get slightly lost and I only say slightly because we figured it out within a half a mile.
The farther we got into the trail the more people we began to see. We shared the trails with bikers, hikers but no other runners. We knocked out 6 miles.
The scenery was so different coming out of the trails. Everyone must have gotten the memo to go the Holdridge on Labor day. There was not a parking spot left. Families were at the picnic area, people were meeting up to bike it was like a party.
We chatted for a few minutes before we separated to go our ways. As we were leaving I saw Ken (I ran with him in a group a couple weeks ago) heading in. I let him know it was busy out there before I continued home.
The OTHER MEMO I didn't GET! I invited Matt and Paula to our last trail run this Wednesday before Woodstock. Only to find out you don't run trails the week before!
Makes sense. All the  advice I have gotten I didn't get that little nugget!

And the Count down Continues!  Woodstock T minus 4 DAYS!!
Claudia gave me a care package with another Starbucks mug, this one is from Ontario! I love my collection of City mugs! And this TIE DIE cake mix all ready for WOODSTOCK! If you can read the words to her card they are the BEST.  They are the Lyrics from the song Woodstock!
I have the greatest circle of friends. So thoughtful.


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  1. I run trails the week before. i guess I didn't get the memo, either.

    3 days!